Kid-Friendly DIY Household Projects You Can Do in a Weekend

Spring is here, the weather is warming up nicely and it is the perfect time to tackle that To-Do List of DIY household projects that you have had on your radar for awhile.

If you are thinking “I’m a hard working Dad — why should my kids miss out on all of this DIY fun?”, you are completely correct. By all means, grab your kiddos, let them know that you want and need their help, and put them to work on as many of these projects as you can.

Even fairly young kids can help with a number of projects around the house — both indoors and outdoors. If you need some inspiration to get going, please consider the following ideas:

Create a Raised Veggie Garden

If you have always wanted to try growing your own produce, you and your kids can spend a weekend building a raised vegetable garden. As This Old House notes, it is a project that kids as young as 6 can help tackle; start by putting together a framer of rot-resistant lumber that will hold the soil in place, and make it tall enough for everyone to reach easily. Once you build the raised garden, head to a local gardening store and let the kids choose what types of veggies they want to grow — you can buy either seedlings or seeds. As a major bonus, your kids may start eating more vegetables if they grow them on their own, and they will also learn about responsibility as they help water and care for the plants.

Put Up a Wire-Free Home Security System

Another project that your tweens and teens can help with is installing a new wire-free home security camera system. Sit down with your kiddos and discuss the details of the features that these cameras have, and teach them about the importance of safety. While you don’t want to scare them, you can educate them about why you want to have a home security system. In addition, let them know that there are also fun aspects to having home security camera systems; for example, to record fun family moments and monitor the weather. To make this DIY project as easy as you can, you may want to select a wire-free camera; this way, you can install them wherever you wish. Once the cameras arrive, you and your kids can spend a weekend deciding where they should go and installing them around your home.

Upgrade a Bathroom or Powder Room

That upstairs bathroom with its old fixtures and outdated vanity is ready for a remodel. As Very Anxious Mommy notes, you can have your kids help clean the bathroom from top to bottom, and then assist you in picking out new flooring, paint colors, vanity, appliances and whatever else the bathroom needs. If this is a bathroom that your kids use quite a bit, they can give their input on what type of “theme” they may want — like an ocean-life look — and then you can work together to choose paint and accessories. Depending on the ages of your kids, they can certainly help you remove everything from the space and then paint it. Older kids can also help you take the old vanity to the curb for pickup, hang new mirrors and install towel racks.

Have Fun Working Together

In addition to teaching your kids the value of hard work, it’s always great to have some solid Dad-kiddo time. By making your children part of your DIY projects, you can do just that, and end up improving your home at the same time.

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