Key Activities You Should Consider Letting Your Kids do

Keeping your kids busy is a must as a parent. However, it can be hard trying to find ways to do so in between busy schedules and school runs. There are a number of things that they can do in the comfort of your home. It requires a little creativity as well as sometimes thinking outside of the box. When choosing activities, you should try and ensure they have an educational element and there is something that helps them develop the core skills that they need. Just in case you’re stuck on ideas regarding things your kids can get up to, this article is going suggest three in particular.


One fun activity that your kids can get up to is learning how to garden. If your kids attend an independent school like Milbourne Lodge Pre-Prep and Prep School, they’re likely to participate in outdoor learning such as cultivating vegetables, herbs, and flowers on a regular basis. You can also extend this practice at home by buying them seeds and putting them in charge of nurturing and growing their plant. The good thing about this is that you don’t have to have acres and acres of land to do it and can begin with something as simple as a window plant you place in the kitchen. By having them continuously water the plant and teaching them about the conditions that it needs to grow, they could learn a lot about responsibility, as well as growth and patience.

Reading Club

Another activity your kids can participate in which is common, yet effective is joining a book club. Although not every child’s first love is reading, there are things you can do to encourage the habit and get them to fall in love with it; Firstly, it’s key that you figure out what exactly their interests are and then find books that fall into that category. If, for instance, they love superheroes, you can buy them a collection of superhero books to get them excited about reading. To start a book club with them, try buying them a series of books a month and getting them to discuss it with you or their other siblings. Some other ways to get them to love reading include trying audiobooks, finding ways to bring the book to life, and watching the movie version of the book after reading it if it’s available.

Apps and Games

Keeping your kids engaged in activities should be fun which is why you should consider using apps and games as a method as well. There are some games that you can play with your kids that will keep them occupied and teach them key skills. Some include patience, persistence, resilience, and learning that sometimes you win and at times you lose as well. Some games and apps to consider for your kids are Art Academy, Sketchbook Pro, Codecademy, and Book Creator for iPad. There are many more out there that you’d have to look for by doing some research.


Keeping your kids occupied is important for both you and them. The key is to continuously introduce new activities until you find ones that they enjoy and also learn from. By doing so, they should continue to grow key development skills and have fun while doing it.

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