Keeping Children Safe with MamaBear

We rely on our mobile devices for an increasing number of daily activities, but can they also keep our children safe?

I recently learned about a new app called MamaBear that does just that!

Created by the same team that oversees the popular social media destination for children, Grom Social. Grom Social is one of the most trusted names in children’s online media. It was one of the first social media networks designed specifically for children and boasts millions of users. Their experienced team of professional educators and online safety experts collaborated to create this special app.

 MamaBear integrates with a phone’s technology to offer several safety features that include:

  • The ability to know where your children are at all times by setting alerts for location activity
  • A Family Newsfeed where members can communicate on a real-time basis
  • A system that monitors social media activity such as new connections, photos and interactions. As part of this feature, parents can also tag specific words or language in incoming or outgoing messages that can alert them to abuse
  • The ability to read and review all text message activity
  • Technology that advises when they are in a speeding vehicle

MamaBear does not spy on your children (it has to be downloaded on both phones) – rather its designed to support family communication and offer education about safe Internet use. Technology can be a major source of anxiety and frustration. From online bullying to peer pressure, kids often need help navigating their frequently stressful online lives. MamaBear allows parents to play an effective supporting role in easing the burden many children feel while interacting online. MamaBear’s unique location features are also important. It’s great that parents can know where their children are at all times – and, if they are new drivers – whether or not they’re following the speed limits.

I was also happy to learn that MamaBear is recognized by several law enforcement agencies and educators around the country.

It’s apparent that a lot of thought went into MamaBear’s development. I invite you to learn more at

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