Keep your kids safe when playing with these straightforward tips

No one wants their child to get hurt, especially when they’re playing with friends or enjoying themselves on the playground or at the park. However, as a parent, you’re probably already aware that accidents happen and getting a grazed knee every now and again is part of childhood.

Still, that doesn’t make the tears and pained expressions any easier. It’s easy to think that we should let our children learn the hard way and experience the occasional bump and bruise, however, there could only be a few steps between a simple bump and fatal brain injury, especially if they’re playing with defective equipment, or they’re playing near roads etc – call a personal injury lawyer located in Altoona if your child has been injured and it could have been avoided. 

Here we’ll explore some simple ways you can give your child the freedom to play yet keep them safe from harm. Read on to find out more. 

Encourage them to wear safety gear

If your child is learning to ride a bike, roller skate, scoot down the street, take safe skateboard lessons, or even ride a skateboard, then they should be encouraged to wear the correct safety gear. Especially a well-fitting helmet. The earlier you enforce these kinds of safety rules, the more natural it will be for your child to wear their safety gear as they get older and develop their independence. Wearing safety gear could be the difference between a shattered helmet or a fractured skull.

Make sure the area is secure and enclosed

If you have little ones who want to play outdoors, creating an area that is secure and enclosed is essential for their safety and their enjoyment. High fences and gates that lock properly and cannot be accessed by the children are the first places to start. These enclosed and secure places like in your backyard should allow children the independence and freedom they want so they can play and learn but also keep them safe from wandering out, or from intruders gaining access.

Inspect the playground equipment

That old swing set that you loved playing on when you were a kid was so much fun, and now your little ones get to play on it too. However, when was the last time it was inspected? If you’re concerned about the quality of play equipment, don’t be afraid to be the playground inspector and check it out before you let your child play. Rusty nails, splintered wood, jagged metal…all these things can cause serious damage. 

You should also be on the lookout for things like broken glass, blades and even drug and drink paraphernalia that could be picked up, touched or fallen onto. 

And finally, be sunshine smart

If your kids are playing in the backyard and the weather is glorious then you can guarantee you’ll make a lot of happy memories. What you don’t want, however, is sunburn and consequent skin damage. So, make sure your children have access to shaded areas, keep them covered in sunblock, ensure they wear a hat and keep them hydrated throughout the day.

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