Keep Calm And Ask On


I liked this book and as far as self-help books go, it is quite interesting. What is really good about this book is that it does have helpful suggestions and is quite simplistic and easy to follow. I did not read this Authors first book but after reading this one, I may check out his first one. I did find it a bit wordy (not complicated just slightly wordy) in a few of the chapters and the chapter with music was one that was a little wordy but it kept my interest because I really do love music.I was able to easily relate and understand everything in this self-help book and there really is some very insightful wisdom in this No-Nonsense guide. Will everyone who reads it fulfill all their dreams to their hearts desire? Most likely not but no self-help book in the world will accomplish that feat. This is a positive and motivating book and I am sure it will provide a more optimistic outlook for many.

Speak Your Mind