Kali and Ginger, June 25th Pets of the Week!

AWWWW! Aren’t they the cutest?

These two sweet cats are desperately in need of a home together. Kali and Ginger form a bonded pair—two 5-year-old best friends, and we want to keep that status as forever. Their owner just passed away, and no one wanted to care for them. Kali is a beautiful medium-fur calico with a lovely, sweet face and a personality to match. Ginger is, aptly, an orange cat who’s a little shyer than her buddy but just as sweet once she warms to you. Because the shelter is closed to the public, adoption appointments are conducted through email, so contact AnimalRescue@longbeach.gov to meet them. Please—they so need a forever home together. Ask for ID#A643407 for Kali and ID#A643408 for Ginger.

(This rescue encouraged by the usual suspects.)

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