Kaijudo: Clash of the Duel Masters

Invasion Earth - Napalmeon The Conquering - Pojo    Invasion Earth - Victory Gunner - KidzWorld  KJVDES_BoosterMockup   Kaijudo logo (no ROD)

Looking for a fun and competitive gift for boys (ages 7+) on your holiday shopping list! Kaijudo Invasion Earth Competitive Decks are fun and who wouldn’t want to defend the World Against Domination?  It’s a fantastic new trading card game for kids, with a brand-new TV show on Hub Network.  My son and one of his friends are Pokemon fans and they found this trading card game quite entertaining! We give it a 5 stars! Although, there may be some pretend violence, it also is creative and  as my(10 year old) son says is just “an epic card game.”  Learn more about the game and where to buy it at Kaijudo.com!

Self Disclosure: We received this game to facilitate this holiday gift suggestion but any opinion expressed are those of SoCal city Kids.


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