Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and Tall Tale


Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and Tall Tale, two classic films for the whole family to enjoy, are screening throughout April on HDNet Movies – kidScene. KIDS FIRST! is proud of our affiliation with HDNet Movies and applauds their mission to bring some of the most fun and popular movies of their time to new audiences. Visit their website at http://www.hdnetmovies.com/programs/kids-first-film-critics/ to see KIDS FIRST! Film Critic reviews and check out their upcoming programming.

Originally released in 2001, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius is a hilarious kid-oriented sci-fi spoof. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Anthony Aranda reviewed the film when he was 9-years-old and said it was “interesting and really funny.” Below is a wonderful review from Adam Chernick, age 7. One of our newest KIDS FIRST! Film Critics, Adam says the film teaches us “that size is not as important as intelligence and courage.”


Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Reviewed by Adam Chernick

If you enjoy adventure and action movies than you will love Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

Jimmy is a very intelligent boy who creates all kinds of  inventions including a rocket plane, robot dog and burp soda to name a few. Jimmy manages to get all of the parents of his town abducted by space aliens . Will Jimmy and his friends be able to rescue their parents before the space aliens eat them?

Jimmy and his robot dog are my favorite characters. Jimmy (Debi Derryberry) is a genius but also mischievous as he sneaks out of his house to go to Rocketland with his friends. His parents tell him rockets are dangerous but Jimmy insists on playing with them anyway. The robot dog is funny especially when he pretends to be Jimmy so his parents do not know Jimmy is gone.

My favorite part  is when all the children use different amusement park rides as rockets to go into space and battle the space aliens. It is exciting to see how Jimmy and his robot dog figure out a way to escape and leave space safely.

The music is fun especially Kids In America and how so many scenes are set to music.

The film teaches us be careful what you wish for as Jimmy and his friends think a world without their parents is what they desire only to find out that they are sad and missing their parents without them. The main message the film is that is size is not as important as intelligence and courage. Jimmy learns this lesson on his space journey as he sees how with his intelligence and courage he is able to save the day.

I give this movie 5 out of  5 stars. Younger audiences up to age twelve will want to see this funny and action-packed movie. It is on HDNet Movies now.

Tall Tale is an action-packed film released in 1995 full of famous characters from the “wild west.”

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