“Jefrey Au-Go-Go!” – For the Sheer Fun of It – New Kids’ Album from Jefrey Siler


Critically praised indie musician Jeffrey Siler has packed multiple lives into less than four decades and rightfully calls home both the U.S. and Australia, with plenty of performing credits over and under the equator.  With his latest project, Siler takes on an entirely new, “just for the fun of it” persona as Jefrey Au-Go-Go.  His debut children’s album, Jefrey Au-Go-Go!, is set for release on January 20.

Language conveys meaning, but it also entertains.  Jefrey Au-Go-Goknows how to write enchanting songs that present a feast of alliteration and clever rhymes, playing with language for the sheer delight of the sound of the words.

“This album is the first where I’ve completely let ‘me’ be ‘myself,'” says Jefrey.  “I loved letting go of the seriousness of rock, re-approaching the music with fewer inhibitions, and just enjoying playing.  Working within the constraints of having to keep songs fun, simple, and somewhat upbeat actually helped me to become more concise and creative.  Necessity really is the mother of invention!”

Jefrey Siler’s music for adults has been described by Flagpole Magazineas “hugely dynamic.”  The Stranger praised “a songwriter’s mind in simpatico with his surroundings, letting songs bloom with resonance.”  As a children’s musician, Siler brings his dynamism and songwriter’s creativity front and center, crediting such influences as The Muppets Take Manhattan, Jack Black in School of Rock, and even the mighty Flight of the Conchords.

Jefrey Au-Go-Go! kicks off with “Peter the Pushy Puppy,” a great example of wild and zany vocal delivery that rollicks through at least three very entertaining, silly octaves.  “Ippo The Hippo” vacillates among outrageous accents (North Carolina backwoods to comic Italian and everything in between).  “Cheeky Alligator” thrives on a spooky vocal setting with lovely background voices that seem oblivious to the zaniness of the lyrics.  “Perry The Pirate,” a descendant of Cyril Ritchard’s unforgettable Captain Hook, offers non-stop silliness.   The fun continues right up to bedtime with a jolly, nocturnal “Pajama Parade” followed by the tale of a family of bears on “Mountain Called Change.”

I received a copy of this CD and it is silly! Younger children will be highly entertained! Be prepared for lots of laughter and smiles!
Jefrey Au-Go-Go! will be available online at CDBaby.com, iTunes, and Bandcamp.

Visit Jefrey Au-Go-Go on Facebook.

Check out Jefrey Au-Go-Go’s website at www.jefreyaugogo.com

Self Disclosure: I received a free CD to facilitate this feature. Photo Credit: Jefrey Siler.

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