It’s ZAZOO TiME – New App Helps Kids, Seniors & Families Master Tasks & Routines

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  Chicago-based ZAZOO KiDS, a children’s lifestyle media company, announces the release of its app ZAZOO TiME, a personalized activity clock featuring visual cues and media prompts set to alarms to support building healthy habits. The free app features hundreds of images and media with an additional focus on supporting special needs individuals and aging-in-place seniors.
Through one-account, a parent or caregiver can manage an entire family from each individual’s device and set unlimited alarms to help everyone feel independent. Planning is easy and ZAZOO TiME takes the stress out of getting family members through daily tasks and activities with its easy-to-use alarm creator.
With ZAZOO TiME You Can:
• Personalize each family member’s daily activities with engaging audio and image prompts to help build independence
     • Help children build a greater sense of success with each task throughout the day, from waking up and getting dressed to completing homework and helping with chores
     • Create and schedule personal messages to help keep everyone motivated and on task with daily routines or important activities throughout the day
“By providing relevant visual cues and entertainment-based guidance children playfully learn routines which will help everyone get through the day in a more positive way,” says ZAZOO KiDS founder Michele Berman. “This mobile app is the perfect conduit between parent and child because it empowers everyone within the home.”
     ZAZOO TiME is the evolution of the company’s successful PhotoClock, a bedside visual alarm clock designed to help kids stay in bed. The innovative mobile app moves with the user throughout the day and assigns positive and engaging alerts to notify the user of a specific action. Alerts prompting wake-up time to actions that help everyone get out the door on time, to settling down at night for homework and brushing teeth before bed, the app offers hundreds of images to match a plethora of interests or activities.
     The MyZAZOO app is uniquely designed to also help with eldercare as more than 47-percent of today’s parents are also caring for their aging parents, with almost 37-percent providing emotional or physical care.
“We intentionally provide a wide range of visual cues and timeless media so individuals not needing fulltime care will feel confident about living independently,” says Ms. Berman.
For eldercare, look for prompts from “Eat a Healthy Snack” to medication, exercise and day-of-the-week reminders.
The free app is available on Google Play and iTunes and comes pre-loaded with a media package offering images, music, and media, to customize and personalize. Choose Premium Collections and receive branded media from classics like Puff the Magic Dragon or an Annual Subscription providing a robust media library for an annual fee. Multi-lingual media is available in French and Spanish.
Additionally, ZAZOO TiME supports the new Apple Watch.
MyZAZOO partnered with Bay Area based Interactive media publisherFatRedCouch, Inc. to produce the mobile app and establish connections with award-winning entertainers and media properties.
“We are delighted to expand our Digital + Durable library with the launch of ZAZOO TiME,” says Nicole Lundeen, CEO of Interactive Media Publisher FatRedCouch. “The project brought our family-friendly brands together in an app that supports the daily lives of parents and caregivers.”
To learn more or download the app, please visit MyZAZOO.
Credit: MyZAZOO. No compensation was received to post.

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