It’s Time to Start Using Flour Sack Towels in Your Kitchen Again


Are you looking for high-quality flour sack kitchen towels made of 100% cotton? Well, you can buy those blank flour sack towels in bulk from Southern California based Mary’s Kitchen Towels:

There used to be a time when homemakers would turn leftover flour sacks into sheets, clothing, and kitchen towels. Undoubtedly, flour sack towels have proven to be an important part of any American kitchen. Today, commercially produced flour sack towels have taken the place of homemade towels which are superior in quality and made from 100% fine woven cotton.

Flour sack towels are absolutely long lasting and hard-wearing, resisting to many washes and uses and remain exceptionally soft. These towels are not only lint-free but have better absorbing capability for liquids than paper towels. What’s more, there are companies like Mary’s Kitchen that manufacture eco-friendly flour sack towels which help preserve the environment with each of your purchases.

Flour sack tea towels made of high quality can be utilized for a considerable length of time in your kitchen and other spaces of your home. Always try buying a bundle pack of towels, so that, you do not have to stress over buying another towel for your home for quite a while. It is for sure that you will enjoy the subtle feel and toughness these towels offer when wiping spills, cleaning, or polishing your crockery or when using as a cover to keep the freshness alive of your food.

These classical cotton weave towels have a huge scope of uses. From mopping counters to food preservation and serving, when you step in the shop or browse online, you will definitely discover new ways to make great use of them.

Flour Sack Towels Make Great Gifts

Flour sack towels are even a good option for housewarming gifts or for daily personal use. Evincing their viability throughout all these years, flour sacks have turned into a household necessity. They are also a great replacement for paper and other expendable materials since they can better handle a range of cleaning jobs while being completely machine launderable.

They Dry Better

Flour sack towels likewise take lesser time to dry than their counterparts. They are an ideal material for drying dishes since they air dry immediately and are lint-free. Because of being lint-free, these towels also make incredible polishing materials for furniture, metal, and even mirrors.

Recommended by Gourmet Chefs

Flour sack towels are an extremely handy tool for gourmet chefs. Due to their sustainable nature, they have gained popularity even in the food industry. In addition, they are totally suitable to use around food since they are manufactured without including any colors or chemicals.

They are Versatile

As flour sack towels are safe around food, they can be used to line bread, dehydrate fruits, strain sauces, and make cheese. They offer great versatility to any kitchen or bakery and add value to your space. Cooking experts consider these towels “gourmet” and have sworn by them for quite a long time.

It is about time that you replace paper towels with these value offering flour sack towels for a persistent household use. Get your flour sacks from a reliable local company Mary’s Kitchen Flour Sack Towels!

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