Introducing Yumble®️, the Kids Meal Subscription Service

Kids will love it!

The Only Meal Plan That Helps Parents Instill Healthy Eating Habits in Kids While Engaging and Rewarding Them For Eating Well!

Introducing the new and improved Yumble, the first and only meal delivery service that empowers kids ages 4-12 years old to plan and pick their meals and get rewarded for eating healthy. The new Yumble offers a solution to a daily challenge faced by parents everywhere, especially working parents: the obligation to provide nutritionally balanced meals every day that kids will actually eat and enjoy. 

Kids can go to, or the new YumbleKids App, to plan their own meals, choosing from Yumble’s carefully curated menus designed specifically for kid appeal. Meals are ordered via a parent-approved ‘shopping cart’ and delivered straight to your door, ready to heat up and eat up. Kids can accumulate points for making smart choices, such as cleaning their plates and trying new things. Points are tracked on a virtual dashboard, and an exciting rewards catalog helps children set their goals. 

Sunshine Scramble Breakfast Sandwich

Yumble initially launched in 2017, and parents immediately embraced the idea. However, many children were less than enthusiastic about eating meals that Mom didn’t make, and they didn’t choose. Rather than helping to ease mealtime tension, it sometimes exacerbated it instead, as parents resented the wastefulness of uneaten pre-paid meals and fretted over the fact that their kids were not getting the nutrition they needed. 

In response, the brand consulted with nutritionists, psychologists, teachers, and parents and heard a common refrain: why not involve kids in the process and reward them for every positive step they take? Thus, the new and improved Yumble is based on the concept of “child-led eating,” which empowers children of all ages to make their own healthy choices as they develop and grow. Mealtime tension is lessened as children are less likely to reject a choice they have made for themselves. Plus, the new Prize Program & Rewards Platform is designed to encourage and reinforce good behavior, which reflects the Yumble team’s mantra of “rewarding kids for eating well.”

French Toast breakfast

Yumble’s delicious and nutritious meal plans include a wealth of amazing options kids will love. The more meals are ordered per week, the better the price for each one. And because Yumble understands that life happens, plans can be paused or cancelled at any time. The following meal plans are available now:

  • 4 meals per week for $9.99 per meal
  • 6 meals per week for $8.99 per meal, plus free shipping
  • 8 meals per week for $7.99 per meal, plus free shipping
  • 12 meals per week for $6.99 per meal, plus free shipping

Kids are treated to a wide range of tasty meals for any time of day, that are perfect for even the pickiest of eaters. Some of the most popular Yumble meals that kids come back for over and over include:

  • Turkey Sausage & Eggs – all-natural and gluten-free with over 20g of protein
  • Classic Cheese Ravioli – with organic tomatoes in a veggie-packed marinara sauce
  • Mac N Cheese & Nuggets Please – with gluten-free, veggie-packed mac-n-cheese

We had the opportunity to try the meals and I love the variety and how simple they are to heat up and serve!

More about Yumble:

Initially launched in 2017, Yumble is a favorite of kids and parents alike. Created by parents and for parents, the one-of-a-kind kids meal subscription service designed to take the stress out of planning, prepping, and cooking nutritious meals for children, many of whom are picky eaters. By minimizing the time needed to prepare healthy meals for the kids, Yumble makes it possible for families to spend more valuable time with each other instead. Using all sustainable, regionally-sourced, nutritious ingredients, Yumble creates balanced and fun recipes developed just for kids, delivered fresh to your door in a 100% recyclable, refrigerated box.

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this post. Photos: SoCal City Kids.

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