Introducing Lika — Plant-Based Meals that don’t sacrifice flavor

Many people researching healthier diets have discovered the benefits of plant-based foods. Studies across the board agree that plant-based meals can boost your health by helping you maintain a healthy weight – along with decreasing the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers.

However, implementing plant-based foods into your diet is often more difficult than it sounds. While everybody enjoys a good bowl of sautéed vegetables or similar meals, many of the recipes behind the most ideal plant-based dishes often sacrifice flavor. Of course, adults have the willpower to stomach healthy meals without enjoying their flavor, but what about when it comes to children? It doesn’t need to be said that if kids don’t enjoy what’s on their plate…they’ll keep their mouths shut until parents finally relent, and give them what they want.

Enter Lika. Produced by the Amazing Protein Company under the direction of well-regarded vegan food expert, Swami Nathan, Lika is a series of specially-prepared plant-based meals that make flavor their priority. Take a look at their offerings and you won’t believe what you’re seeing —

Orange chicken! Beef and Broccoli! Barbeque! Meatloaf! Meatballs! Even Southwest Chili!

Delicious favorites you know and love – but only prepared with plant-based ingredients. And unlike other vegan meals you may have tried, these taste like the real deal. From their flavoring to their texture, it’s nearly impossible to tell you’re not eating meat. From the first bite, it’s clear that Lika is designed for people (both adults and children!) who love meat.

Lika will soon be available for purchase, so be sure to follow the Amazing Protein Company online to learn more!

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