Infinity Jars are Great for the Kitchen or to use in the Bathroom!

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Looking for sturdy and stylish jars? I recommend Infinity Jars! I really like how sturdy they are and that they look modern and stylish! Infinity Jars sells a very popular line of high-performance storage containers for cooking ingredients, dried herbs, bitters, tea, coffee, cosmetics, nuts, oils, etc. They are airtight and light optimized, meaning they block out visible light that degrades organic goods.

I like that I could find ways to use them in the Kitchen and in the Bathroom! I love using the 250 ml Glass Screw Top Jar in the kitchen for olive oil. I like that the oil stays fresh and it is super easy to use! The 50 ml Glass Fine Mist Spray Bottle is great to have on the counter in the bathroom to use to mist your face with water in the summer! But, my favorite is the 250 ml Glass Screw Top Jar! I love to use this in the bathroom and keep cotton balls in it!

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Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this post. 

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