I’m 5 by Alva Sachs

Julie is turning “5” and when her birthday party is over, she is ready for school. Julie is 5 so school should start, right?  Well, it’s summer and so she has to wait until Fall arrives. This delightful story is all about how Julie waits for that very special day (1st day of school) to arrive! This is a fun & delightful story for young children. My son and I enjoyed this fun story and the illustrations are charming and they really bring the story to life!  Check out the author’s website because it also has a great section called Just for Kids. It has puzzles, coloring sheets, activities and Jump start to writing fun. You can order the book online from Barnes & Noble or Amazon. This and other wonderful books by Alva Sachs are also available as ebooks on BookNook, Kindle, and tablets!

* I received “I’m 5” to facilitate this review but opinions are my own.*


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