Ideas for Keeping Your Home Safe While You’re on Holiday

Going on holiday is something we all look forward to. We plan our holidays well in advance to ensure you get the best deals and so we thoroughly enjoy a well-deserved break from our everyday lives. However, many of us forget to fully secure our homes when we go on holiday.


It’s very easy for thieves to tell when you’re in and when you’re not. A LOT of break-ins happen when a house is empty, therefore there are a few things you need to do in order to keep your house safe.


Don’t Leave House Unoccupied


While you’re away be sure to have somebody, or a few people who you trust, check on your house. They will be able to go into your property and do a few things which make it seem like somebody’s home. They can do some favours such as feed your cat, water your plants, and take care of some chores around the house.


Don’t tell everyone you’re on holiday


Many of us love to tell everyone when you’re going on holiday, however, this could be a huge mistake to do. It’s said that the majority of burglaries are done by someone who lives nearby. It’s also not a good idea to broadcast you’re away via social media. Posting a simple picture of your holiday whilst you’re away will notify the burglar of your absence, if they have you on social media, which lets them know you’re not home, and will give them the all clear to go ahead with the break in.


Control Lighting


With the rise of the smart home, a number of home appliances can be controlled from your phone. Home lighting is one of these things. With many thieves getting wiser to timed lights, you need to vary the times which lights go on and off at.


Smart lighting enables you to switch your lights on from your phone while your laying on the sun bed thousands of miles away from your front door. This gives the illusion to of someone being at home.


Invest in Security Cameras


Although security cameras can be very expensive, they are very beneficial and can prove their worth, if they are needed if a situation such as a burglary was to occur. The majority of security cameras do give you the ability to access them via your phone.


Security cameras also deter burglars from attacking your home as they don’t want to be seen in the act. Security cameras give you the ability to identify the burglars, pause and rewind the footage, therefore, if this was to occur, you will be able to provide the police with footage and images of the people who attacked your home.


Get some Electric Gates


Lastly, electric gates from the Electric Gate Store, are brilliant at deterring potential burglars. If anyone is looking to burgle your home, they’ll be faced with the task of scaling your gates in order to get close to your house. This will discourage most people who are looking to break into your house, as this will slow them down, increasing their chances of getting caught.



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