ICU Sunglasses for the Summer!

8833_Black   8802_Tortoise

Looking for stylish sunglasses? I love the variety of styles I recently found on a website. There are so many different choices at ICU Eyewear.  Looking for sunglasses that are unique, stylish and even styles that are retro? Find whatever style you are looking for with great sunglasses from ICU Eyewear.  The biggest decision will be selecting the ones you like best! I received the Retro Cat Eye Polarized Sunglasses in Black and the Butterfly Sunglasses in Tortoise/Ivory styles and I love them both! They are stylish and I can’t choose which is my favorite!  They are made of plastic and seem quite durable. They don’t seem flimsy at all! Many affordable sunglasses that I have tried in the past do not last long because they aren’t very durable. The Retro Cat Eye sunglasses retail for $21.95. The Butterfly Sunglasses style is very pretty and made out of plastic but also seem to be durable and they also retail for $21.95. I just love all the variety of styles! 

Check out these and many other styles at ICU Eyewear! They really are a Must-Have!

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this feature but any opinions expressed are honest. Photo Credit: ICU Eyewear.


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