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The iBitz fitness monitor is a revolutionary device that puts the fun back into walking. This gadget allows kids to earn rewards and prizes while getting exercise. The best is part is that it’s fun for the whole family.

This tech toy is a wireless fitness monitor that comes for both kids and adults. It can track how many miles you walk, steps you take and calories you burn all at the same time. It also lets kids blast off on a space adventure, teaching things like how to eat healthy along the way. The great thing about iBitz is that there are no crazy wires. It connects wirelessly to your phone! Parents will love the Unity app, because it allows you to do things like form your own fitness groups and track the whole family. Kids will also adore the Geopals app that gives kids their own Geobot they can feed and play with. If that’s not enough, they can also unlock games in the AppStore. There are so many cool things about an iBitz and all you have to do is walk.

What I like about iBitz is that it is easy and fun. You can literally use it any where.  All you have to do is clip it on your pants or shoe and go. They also come in a rainbow of colors that are amazing and fun to look at. The inventors did a fantastic job of creating a smart way for kids to become more active using their phones, which rarely ever happens.

IBitz is different than any other pedometer on the market for many reasons. The iBitz is the world’s first pedometer that motivates kids to stay active using a kid friendly app along with the device. It can withstand anything a kid can do and can even be worn in the rain. The iBitz also tracks much more than your steps, it can help you start living a healthier life by allowing you to set goals for yourself. Also, no other pedometer sends your information right to your phone, so you can take it wherever you want.

I recommend the amazing  iBitz fitness tracker for both boys and girls ages 5 to 13 and I give it five out of five sparkling stars. The iBitz fitness monitor is now in stores and online so please pick one up today.

Credit: KIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions



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