How to throw the perfect summer party

The sun is out, you have two weeks’ vacation leave to play with, and the urge to throw an awesome party for your family and friends is growing and growing. So you think, heck why not, let’s throw one.

Suddenly though, the doubt creeps in. What if nobody comes? What if the food isn’t perfect? What if the weather isn’t great? If we listened to all these ‘what if’ questions, we’d never get anything done.

Well to help you out a little we’ve put together a quick guide on throwing the best summer party. Let’s ensure your party rocks so much that nobody will want to go home.

Get those invitations out

The one thing that everybody needs is notice. With people being busier today more than ever, most plan their schedules months in advance. To avoid the ‘oh, we’re busy that weekend’ excuse, it’s best to make the event a little more formal by setting a firm date.

Now you could go to the store and buy a load of invitations, but why not make your event extra special by adding a little personal touch? Find a hilarious photo of you and your closest friends, and use the internet to create a card, which you can then send off as an invitation. This is a sure way to get RSVPs, or at the very least, a laugh or two.

Take the party outside

You’re throwing a summer party – it’s going to be hot! Don’t have everybody cooped up inside your home. Let your guests roam free by taking the party to the garden. Sure, you might be worried about people messing up your flowers or plants, but most people are respectful enough, so let your hair down for one day. If needs be, just remind guests not to tread in certain areas – that should be enough.

One of the benefits of partying in the sun is that cocktails taste so much better. There is a huge range of summer cocktails out there, so check out the many guides and get practicing. Generally, fruity drinks go down well such as sangria, daiquiris and margaritas.

Prepare mouth-watering food

If there’s one thing that any guest will comment on a few days after the party, it’s the food. After all, it is one of the main things that most people look forward to, aside from the drinks.

By throwing a summer party outside, it is almost always presumed that there’s going to be a BBQ. Frankly, it’s a cheap way to feed people – all you need to do is throw together a salad, buy the burgers, sausages and buns and you’ve got a quick and easy way to settle rumbling stomachs.

Of course, if you want to go all-out, bring out the gas BBQ and throw on those ribs, chicken breasts, pork loins and anything else you can think of. It’s not just about the meat though – remember to sauce up. Sticky Memphis or Texas barbecue sauce, or even the Coca-Cola variety, will add a whole new dimension to any meats you’re rustling up.

Of course, you’ll have to account for any vegetarians showing up – if you’re struggling check out this cool guide on how to prepare vegetarian dishes for your barbecue.

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