How to Teach Toddlers: A Guide

Small children are absolute sponges for information. They’re curious, fearless, and ask endless questions. Recent studies have shown that the average 4-year-old asks up to 300 questions per day

It can be hard to keep up with the demands of an inquisitive toddler. Many parents are not sure what information to focus on teaching their toddlers and how to approach this. 

You might be wondering how to teach toddlers concepts like shapes, colors, and how to manage their emotions. Read on to find out more about where to begin when teaching your child essential concepts and skills. 

How to Teach Toddlers Shapes and Colors 

Shapes and colors are some of the earliest ideas you can introduce to your child. Toddlers from around 18 months old can recognize colors, and you can start to think about teaching basic shapes to your child once they reach around two years old.

The best way to approach this is organically. Identify shapes and colors in the world around you and talk about them a lot. Your child will start to pick up the concepts in a natural and unforced way. 

Teaching Toddlers About Time

Toddlers are a bit young to be managing their own schedules. Time is an abstract concept, and toddlers tend to think in quite a black and white way, but from the age of around 3 years old, you can start to help them plan and prepare for what’s happening next in their day.

By talking about the seasons, you can introduce to toddlers the abstract concept of time. They will then start to grasp the idea of patterns and begin to learn how to predict what’s going to happen next.

A lot of adults use calendars to help them remember what’s happening next. For pre-school children, using pictures is a good idea to help them understand the routine of the day. They might not know that snack time at preschool is at 11 o clock, but they will definitely understand that it always happens after singing. 

Teaching Toddlers About Feelings

One of the most important skills to teach your toddler is about how to manage their feelings. Emotional milestones are just as important as physical ones, and helping toddlers to express their feelings can help prevent them from feeling frustrated. 

By modeling the expression of our own feelings, we can teach our toddlers how to express their own. Using feeling words to describe your own emotions will teach your toddler how to use emotional words correctly and appropriately.

Another great way to talk about feelings is by reading to toddlers. Lots of books for toddlers address dealing with feelings in their content, as well as other important emotional concepts like friendship and love. 

Teaching Toddlers New Things  

If you’ve been asking yourself how to teach toddlers new things, one of the best answers is just to chat with them and talk about your day together. This will help them to learn naturally and in a non-pressured way. It’s important to take things at the toddler’s own pace and not rush their learning. 

You should now have a few ideas for teaching toddlers some of the skills they will need as they grow older. Make sure you check out the rest of the blog for more great articles about family life. 

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