How to Start a Career as a Finance Manager

Having a career in finance can be a very lucrative job. However, the field is competitive, especially in the US. What skills should you acquire before entering the industry? And where can you get them?

A career as a finance manager can pay well and offer many opportunities. The job requires thorough knowledge of finances, accounting, and data analysis.

An individual who has acquired these skills can become a successful financial manager. This means they are able to prepare reports and forecasts, analyze numbers, and recommend measures for companies to take. 

What is required to become a finance manager? 

Skills required 

Financial managers must have solid skills in mathematics, IT, accounting, human resources, analytics and marketing. In addition to these skill sets, they must possess strong leadership qualities, excellent communication skills, and decision-making abilities. Financial managers must also possess potent analytical skills as they are increasingly being relied upon to assist executives in directing and controlling their organizations, a duty that necessitates analytical skills.

Educational requirements 

A bachelor’s degree in topics such as accounting, finance, economics, and business administration is often the bare minimum for financial managers. Many firms, on the other hand, are increasingly looking for applicants with a postgraduate program, especially in economics, business administration, and finance.

Experience in specific aspects 

You would also need experience in accounting, economics, business administration, or marketing to prove helpful. If you want to apply for a position as a finance manager, you’ll need to prepare yourself for a competitive interview, including having good written and verbal presentation skills.

Complete a training programme for certification

While you may not be required to have any certificates by the employers with whom you apply, you may find this qualification on their desired list of applicant experience. If you want to ensure that recruiting managers understand you have the skills to succeed in the work, certifications are an excellent idea. In this sector, you can receive a variety of certificates, but some of the most prominent are Chartered financial analyst (CFA), Certified public accountant (CPA), and Certified treasury professional (CTP). Once you’ve obtained some valuable certificates, you can also apply for finance manager abroad vacancies and work overseas.

The Bottom Line 

Finance managers look after the company’s financial well-being and its ability to continue operating. The job requires strong analytical skills and good decision-making abilities. A finance manager should also have good communication skills and be able to interact effectively with both internal and external stakeholders.

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