How to make educating your child more exciting

Giving your children a solid education provides them with the foundations to succeed in life. It can spark passion and enjoyment, help them to realize what they want in the future, as well as providing a clear pathway into the world of work. Education comes in many forms, whether it be through academic, practical or creative means. Here, we are going to explore some ways you can make educating your child more exciting than the norm…

Go outdoors 

Going outdoors teaches children many things. But first, we must cover the fact that extra travel for education means the added dangers of the road. Always ensure your child knows the basic rules of the road that will keep them safe. Make sure they look left, right, and left again before crossing, as you don’t want any accidents to occur – you may find speaking with a New Orleans accident attorney to be informative if you are affected by a road incident. 

Different educational ideas in certain countries mean that adults teach children about nature from an early age. Kids learn to open their minds through experience, rather than being taught to read and write through repetition. If you wish to improve your child’s education from home, then take your child outdoors – let them experience and learn from the world around them. 

Learn to count by counting actual sheep or horses or cows. Learn to speak in full and reasoned sentences by asking them about what they have seen and what they liked. Learn about history by visiting castles or ruins and exploring local lore. Ask your child to hold the sat nav while driving so they can learn the lay of the land. There’s much to be said for nurturing the mind before trying to stuff it with the ABCs.

Take the interactive approach 

Children don’t like static learning. They never have and they most likely never will. By sitting them on a seat and telling them to learn their eight times tables, they are going to feel punished and bored and in no mood to cooperate. That’s why you need to take an interactive approach to learning. One way to do this is through a mathematical treasure hunt – place clues in envelopes around your home, whereby each clue leads to the next. Tell your child they can only open the envelope if they solve the addition or multiplication or subtraction on the front of the envelope. In this way, they will want to work out the answer to 5 x 5, for example, because they know the treasure hunt ends with a treat (e.g. their favourite chocolate bar).

Review teaching materials in a fun way
Part of teaching is reviewing previous lessons. Nobody learns anything the first time around. All learning is absorbed through repetition. However, going over old material verbatim can lose its magic. Instead, you need fun ways to back up your educational messages. You can play games like dressing up as historical characters, or you can draw a picture of how the water cycle works. Whatever you do, don’t rely solely on teaching and reviewing through spoken word.

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