How to Keep Your Family Healthy This Coming Fall

The wellbeing of your family is your top priority, and so it should be. As a parent, you constantly worry about your kids and how you can keep them safe and healthy. And as fall is approaching, so is the season of colder weather and germs. But how can you ensure that your young ones are ready to tackle the fall months ahead and stay healthy? Well, you can learn some neat tips and tricks from blogs like Mommy Authority, and you can follow our simple steps to keeping your family healthy this fall.

A Little Soap And Water

Because we come into contact with germs through everything we touch, it is important to teach your kids to regularly wash their hands. Make it a rule and a habit that they should wash their hands everytime they; use the toilet, they play outside, blow their nose or before they eat. When their hands are clean, it is less likely that they will transfer germs into their body – causing diseases and other health concerns.

Don’t Touch

Kids, especially younger ones, are notorious for touching their faces, rubbing their eyes and picking their noses throughout the day. Although you may already be telling them to stop picking, you can try to further instill this rule by educating them about germs. Bacteria loves damp places like mouths and noses so tell them that there is a greater chance that they could get sick if they touch their faces too much.

Vital Vitamins

As the weather turns, the chances that your family might catch a pesky cold or a case of the flu might increase as well. To help prevent the sniffles from happening, ensure that their immune systems are strong and healthy. There are many multi-vitamins and dietary supplements available that your entire family can take on a daily basis. Try to take supplements that are rich in vitamin C, B6 and E. This will help strengthen their immunity against common strains of bacteria and keep them feeling better throughout fall.

A Balanced Diet

Did you know that there are certain foods that can actually lower your kids’ immune systems? Sugary foods such as fruit juices, sweets and anything with refined carbohydrates actually slows down the immune system’s response rate by a few hours – making your children more susceptible to colds and cases of flu. Rather increase their vegetable, probiotic and vitamin levels to boost their immune systems.

Up The Probiotics

Talking about probiotics – did you know that increasing your intake of these good bacteria is not only good for your gut health but that it also boosts your immune system? Think about including probiotics in your daily routine but ensure that you are taking the most effective types of probiotics.


The following strains of probiotics are immunity boosting:

Get Some Exercise

While it is definitely not advisable to exercise when you have a cold or flu (as your body is already under stress fighting an infection) it is a good idea to keep your family active. Implementing moderate levels of exercise into your family’s routine will improve their overall fitness and health. And as a result of their immune system as well. This is due to more white blood cells being produced, improving the body’s ability to fight diseases.

Stick To Bedtimes

Another immune system killer is lack of sleep. When the body does not get the recommended amount of sleep each day, it slowly starts to affect the way it functions and lowers the body’s ability to fight bad bacteria and germs. This is why you should make sure that your kids are getting enough sleep and that they stick to their bedtime schedule.


Don’t let the cold or flu make the next few months unpleasant. There is a lot that you can do to prevent your family from getting sick. Keep them healthy and avoid runny noses and night time coughing. By following these simple steps you can ensure that your family stays healthy and happy right through fall and deep into winter.


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