How to keep homeschooling fun for your kids

It’s important to keep things interesting and fun when it comes to homeschooling to avoid your kids (and you) getting bored throughout the day. There are plenty ways to have fun while still staying on track with learning and lessons. To keep your teaching from being limited to textbooks, try out some of these ideas in your homeschool!

Take brain breaks throughout the day
Don’t forget to take breaks throughout the day to keep your child engaged in learning. Check out these 20 three-minute brain breaks for some ideas! You can turn on some music and let your kids dance it out between lessons. Brain breaks are a great way to recharge both you and the kids to keep the day moving and to stay on track!

Use hands-on learning
When you let your kids use their hands, they sometimes can forget they’re even learning! You can try including some of these geography crafts into your day, or choose from this list of preschool learning games and let your kids have a blast for a chunk of the day.

Incorporate educational videos
If your child is a visual learner, movies can be great to include in your curriculum. Pure Flix offers a variety of educational movies to supplement your homeschool curriculum. You can watch a documentary or history movie with your kids. Try incorporating an educational video every week of the school year to keep things interested!

Do math in the kitchen
Baking can be a great way to let your kids get messy while still learning valuable information. Take a break from your normal math lessons, and teach your kids about basic fractions while going through the recipe with them. Learn about some of the benefits of learning with baking here. You can use the treat you decide to make for snack time, too!

Take the learning outside your home
Don’t keep your classroom limited to your house! One thing your child might miss out on if you homeschool is interacting with other kids while they learn, especially if they’re an only child. You can go on a field trip to the zoo or a museum near you to mix up your teaching style and learn with fellow homeschoolers, or even just go outside in your own backyard for the day. When you and your kids both need some fresh air, try one of these outdoor learning activities for a change!

If you’re able to let your kids have a little bit of fun during your homeschool day, things will be a lot easier for both you and them! You can choose to incorporate any of these into your school year. To keep things fresh, try incorporating something new each week to keep kids excited to learn at home with you!


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