How to Help Your Child Prepare for College

Going to college is an exciting and stressful time for both parents and their kids. For parents, their kids are moving away from home and having their first experience with freedom, while kids are stepping into a new world that will shape the rest of their lives. To ensure the transition is smooth, every parent should prepare their kids for this change by helping them cope and showing them how to navigate college.

Have The Difficult Talk

At this point, you likely have had difficult conversations with your child, but it is also good to have these conversations again before they leave for college. Topics of discussion here will surround consequences for their actions. These actions range from alcohol and drug consumption to peer pressure and sex. Consent is an especially important topic to discuss.

Additionally, if they are used to talking to you about their challenges, find appropriate resources for them so they know they have someone to help them navigate difficult situations in case you are not available.

Teach Them Life Skills

It is also important that you teach your child important life skills such as cooking, managing money, and doing laundry. Learning to take care of themselves while they are away from home will be challenging, but it is something they have to do and that will benefit them when they are off to college.

Set aside some time every week a few months before college to provide hands-on lessons and experiences.

Show Them How to Meet Deadlines

Deadlines are important in college and missing one could have serious consequences. While your child needs to know how to manage their time and track deadlines, you can help them with other deadlines. These include keeping track of housing and hostel opportunities and ensuring they pay their fees on time. You can show them how to use an online calendar to keep track of important deadlines and dates.

For academics, you need to give them the tools they need to complete assignments on time. A computer is necessary not only for researching and completing deadlines but also for catching up or seeking clarification because most universities now post educational content online. You do not have to spend too much here as there are numerous student discount computers that are perfect for school work.

Ensure They Learn Time Management

Time management is an essential skill not only in college but also in life. This is a skill that teens should learn before they go to college. You could start with simple things such as letting them manage when they go to bed and when they wake up.

You can then move on to ensuring they can plan well enough so they have enough time to handle homework and related tasks. Lastly, you can let them take care of things such as setting appointments and getting where they need to be on time.


College is a time for new experiences, learning how to rely on oneself, and gaining skills and knowledge that they will use for the rest of their life. To ensure your child has the best experience in college, prepare them for these experiences and this next chapter of their life.

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