How To Get the Most Out of Retirement

You’ve reached your destination, retirement.  You can say goodbye to the everyday stresses of work, the traffic, the commute, the difficult customers and co-workers.  This is the life, right?

That initial feeling of relief can one day wear off and you find yourself asking, Now What?

There are things you can do to get the most out of retirement.

Give Yourself Something to Look Forward To

Give yourself goals and objectives.  Having something to look forward to, and working towards it helps to keep you looking forward and eager about life. 

The goals can be simple or complex.  For example, planning a trip to visit distant relatives or family next year puts something there for you to look forward to.  You have to plan your route, if you’re driving, or book your airline tickets and hotels.  You think about what gifts you want to take to share, and what activities you have to do.  These activities help focus your mind and create your future.

There is no shortage of goals you can set for yourself.  Lose 10 lbs, read 5 books, and take that dream vacation you’ve always wanted.  There’s a whole world to explore and experience.  Splurge on it!


You’ve made the move to a retirement village or Lifestyle Communities at Point Lonsdale, and have access to the facilities.  Go to the gym regularly

The benefits of regular exercise, in particular weightlifting, can’t be over-emphasized. 

Weightlifting improves your mood and outlook.  It will help you sleep better, it helps to strengthen your bones, it improves muscle mass and balance and more.  It will give you more energy and confidence to try other things you may not have considered.

Don’t worry if you’re not athletic or have never tried it before.  Consult your doctor, and work with a trainer to help design a program that you can stick with.

Take a New Job

Just because you’re retired from one job or career, doesn’t mean you can’t have another.

If work is not for you, consider volunteering.  There are lots of organizations that would love to get some extra help. Love pets, consider helping at your local kennel or shelter. Have special skills, try teaching at a local school or youth group.  There is no shortage of opportunity to volunteer your special skills and talents.

Research has shown that retirees who volunteer or take on a less stressful secondary career are often in better health, both mentally and physically and report higher levels of satisfaction with life.

You will meet new people, and experience new things, and this helps keep you young in both mind and spirit.

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