How to encourage your kids to be more spiritual

Spirituality is a sophisticated concept that we don’t tend to associate with children. Spiritual people might eat a plant-based diet, care for the environment and communicate with psychics or mediums (via this mediumchat website) – which might not be appropriate for our children. However, being spiritual simply means caring about something bigger than ourselves, and there are many positive qualities that spiritual people have. A spiritual child might be more kind, honest and intelligent. So, how can you encourage your kids to be more spiritual?


First and foremost, for kids to be spiritual, they need to understand what it means. This means giving them a good education and explaining the benefits of spirituality. But the whole point of spirituality is that it isn’t forced. People do it because they care. So, teach your kids about the environment and encourage them to care about it. Once your child has found a passion for something they will do what they can to make the world a better place. If you would like to learn more about giving your children a great education read

Helping others

Spirituality is all about being better than you were the day before. Those who are spiritual think about the bigger picture and care about the world. They act selflessly. How can your child behave like this if you don’t? So, be a good role model and hope that they follow in your influence. This means helping others by giving to charity, being a good friend and caring about the environment. When you help others you make the world a better place, and your child will see that. If you act in a selfish or greedy manner your child will too.


Nature is a big part of spirituality. Spiritual people understand the joys of being outside and like to spend time amongst nature. So, encourage your child to be more spiritual by organizing trips and adventures outside. When children understand the beauty of nature and find it soothing, they will find it a relaxing place to be when they’re older. If you are looking for some outdoor fun activities for the family check out


Being spiritual means being in tune with your body. This can be difficult for children as they are still growing. When a child goes through puberty they might feel confused about their body or resent any changes. But spirituality can help. Doing exercises such as yoga or stretches help us to accept our bodies and gain a better understanding of how they work. Yoga can help in reducing stress, which can be helpful for children. Many kids don’t understand what stress is and struggle to deal with it. So, spiritual exercises can help kids learn how to use their bodies.


Many spiritual people are creative. It’s part of the package. It just so happens that many kids are creative too and they enjoy expressing themselves. For kids, this is the norm. So, help your child to become more spiritual by encouraging their creativity. Support them in writing, drawing and making. Appreciate their projects. When a child can express themselves through creativity they become more spiritual.

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