How to Encourage Creative Expression in Young Kids

Photo by Senjuti Kundu on Unsplash


Kids love colours and water, and painting is the best amalgamation of the two mediums. According to a reputable research, painting is an excellent way to encourage creativity in your child. Colours exude a lot of positive energy and vibrance that acts as a mood uplifting therapy for kids. Besides that, free hand painting allows the kids to use their imagination and bring it on paper. The splash of colours and the brush strokes not only improve their motor skills, but also help themselves express their moods and thoughts.


Crafting is yet another fun and therapeutic activity that offers great learning opportunities along with encouraging creative expression. You can let your kids play with a number of different materials to create and recreate new things. From greeting cards to gifts to models, there are endless avenues to explore in the world of crafting. You can also use crafting to teach recycling and upcycling junk into new things.


Dancing is excellent for mind and body coordination and development. It is classified as performing arts and the face and body movement is used as a medium of expression. It also offers excellent physical activity and allows muscle development in growing kids.


Music has been used as a medium of expression and therapy for ages. Sounds and melodies have been used since ancient times as a means of relaxation. You can introduce musical instruments to kids and allow them to explore different sounds produced by combinations of keys, nodes, strings and beats. Kids can use these sounds to express themselves. There are many beginner friendly instruments such as basic keyboards, pianos, banjos and flutes which are good choices to start with.

Story Telling

Little kids love to chatter and make up stories. You can exploit this trait and push the, to make their own stories so that they come out of their shells and express themselves freely. Children have an ability to make stories about literally everything under the sun. They will have a story about the tree on the way to nursery and the fan on the ceiling. Ask questions as they come up with the stories to lead them on. You can use this activity with kids as soon as they learn to communicate verbally.

Pretend Play and Role Playing

We often wish to dig in and inquire kids about what went on behind our backs or what are they thinking at a given moment, but little kids generally never answer straight. Pretend play and role-playing are not only an excellent way to teach important stuff to kids in a fun way, but it also gives you a chance to get in their heads. Use pretend play toys such as kitchen sets, doctor sets, and salons and allow your child to play different roles and strike a conversation. Kids express themselves more openly that way.   

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