How to Dress Your Daughter for a Long Flight

When it comes to dressing your daughter for a long flight, comfort is key. Girls pyjamas offer the coziest option when sitting for hours at a time when on board. Pyjamas will also have an adjustable waistband, come in soft fabrics and make sitting on a plane more fun and enjoyable. Here are some other factors to consider when dressing your daughter for a long flight.

Breathable Materials

Breathable materials are a great idea to wear on long flights as they reduce discomfort and skin irritation. Recycled plane air can make skin dry, so it’s a good option to choose natural fabrics and breathable materials where possible to reduce any sweating or scratching from synthetic fabrics.

Opt for Dark Colours

Dark colours have a calming effect, especially on younger children, and can also hide any accidental spills which can be more common on an aircraft. Eating and drinking in a confined space or mild bumping as the plane travels can all cause a mess. However, these are more easily camouflaged with darker colored clothes.

Comfortable Fit

One of the most important factors when choosing how to dress your daughter for a long flight is comfortable fitting clothes. Girls pyjamas will generally be looser than their usual clothes and made of softer materials. This makes the experience of flying a lot more enjoyable as they can easily get cozy and fall asleep without needing to get changed. If your child is wearing something too tight, it might make them feel anxious about having to be seated for a long journey, especially if they’re a nervous flyer. Anything with long sleeves, a stretchy waistband and soft material against their skin will be the best option to choose when onboard the aircraft.

Add Extra Layers

As the recycled air on planes can be quite cool, it is essential to pack some layers for your child to wear, even if you are flying to a hot destination. Whilst there may be extra blankets on board, packing a small one just in case is a good idea. Equally, cozy socks and a jumper or sweater can also be worn too if your child starts to feel a little chilly mid-flight.

Slip-On Shoes

Once on board the aircraft, your child will want to settle in and get comfortable as quickly as possible, especially for a long flight. Having them wear slip-on shoes can make this process quick and easy. It will also make things smoother when you go through airport security too, as some older children will also be asked to remove their shoes to be checked. Once on board, being able to slip shoes on and off means children can sit comfortably but can also slip their shoes back on if they want to use the toilet or simply stretch their legs.

Change of Clothes

With pyjamas offering the best travel wear for your daughter, it is a good idea to also keep a spare change of clothes with you as well. This means that children can always have the option to change during the flight if they wish. It also means that once the plane has landed, there are already fresh clothes ready for them to wear once you have disembarked at your destination.  


  1. Hello. I see you know exactly how to find out the best fit for my children. I really appreciate it. I guess I would love to help the look more stylish but with dark colors of the night. I prefer not to see the bright colors on the clothes of my girls.

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