How To Decorate a Small Home

Decorating a small home or a small apartment is definitely tricky compared to decorating a larger home. You have to be much more selective when you’re decorating a small home, because you’ll have to buy stuff that will fit in small spaces. You’ll have to get creative, you’ll have to be strategic, and you’ll have to de-clutter. Decorating a larger home where there’s a lot of space for all of your belongings and all of your kids’ belongings is easier. It doesn’t require nearly as much thought or as much creativity.

Luckily, getting creative can be fun. When you’re decorating a small home, you’ll want to find furniture that doubles as storage, and hang big mirrors to make your space appear larger. When choosing your décor, you’ll want to think about dual-purpose items that help you make the most of the limited space you have. If you can hide all of your kids’ toys in a stylish hollow ottoman, that’s the best of both worlds. Below are some tips for decorating a small home:

  1. Buy Dual-Purpose Furniture

Dual-purpose furniture includes things like storage beds or a wall-mounted, foldable table that transforms into wall art when it’s folded up. When you’re decorating a small home, you know that visible clutter will ruin the aesthetic. Storage furniture will save you in this regard. There are hollow ottomans that double as hidden storage. There are storage bed frames that have concealed drawers built in. You can find coffee tables that have slide-out storage that remains completely hidden. This type of thing is great for hiding your home work-out gear, kids’ toys, books and blankets. When it comes to sizing, many furniture stores specialize in selling condo-sized or smaller furniture, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding nice furniture that fits.

Going back to the idea of a wall-mounted, foldable table – this is perfect for moms or dads who sometimes have to take work home with them. When it’s not being used as a table, it looks like wall art. But whenever you need a desk, you can fold it down into a table, and wooden art work is now your desk, only taking up space temporarily.

  1. De-Clutter

Clutter in a small home looks terrible. Too much stuff in a small space looks messy, and that’s why becoming more of a minimalist is crucial if you’re trying to make your small home look nice. If you’re having a hard time parting with certain belongings, get a storage unit. Some storage facilities offer pick-up and delivery services, which makes storing items a hassle-free experience. Livable, an on-demand storage facility based out of Boston, says: “We come to your location, pick up your items and move them to our secure storage facility. Want something back from your Boston storage unit? Schedule your next day delivery online or with our mobile app.” There may be non-essential items you don’t need in your home, but if you don’t want to part with those items, a storage space is the perfect solution.

  1. Use Floating Shelves

A regular bookshelf takes up a lot of space. Floating shelves, on the other hand, can be placed above something that’s already taking up floor space, like your dresser. This makes a lot of sense since there’s open, unused space above your dresser and floating shelves look chic while still providing you with an area to store stuff. Mirrored or triangle-shaped floating shelves add a stylish look to your home, and you can place your kids’ trophies on there or other items that need a home. Floating shelves can even be used in the kitchen to save kitchen space. Install some floating shelves in your kitchen to store jars, mugs, and other kitchen items.

In general, identifying and making good use of dead space is a smart move when you’re decorating a small apartment. Blank walls that beckon some shelving, empty corners that would welcome a corner shelving unit, and space under a bed or under a couch can all be used rather than leaving it as unused space.

  1. Use Mirrors

Invest in some big and beautiful mirrors to mount on your walls and open up your space. Mirrors make your small home appear larger, and mirrors also reflect light which helps make your space look brighter. A statement mirror will act as wall art while also making your home look bigger and brighter. Statement mirrors are often embellished with beautiful frames, geometric in shape, or designed to look like a window.


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