How to Choose the Best Cat Boarding for Your Cat

Have you ever had to cancel your holiday plans because you couldn’t find a qualified pet sitter for your cats? Or did you have to cut your night out short to rush to feed your beloved cat?

If any of this rings true, then pet hotels and hostels might just be the solution you have been looking for. With October just around the corner, pet owners are gearing up for another anxious holiday season. This year, beat the stress by looking up the best pet boarding options in your vicinity.

Numerous cat hotels have sprung up across the country, each one trying to outdo the other by adding a host of new, luxurious services. But choosing the right boarding facilities for your cat is not an easy job. After all, you love your cats too much just to leave them at the mercy of strangers.

So, how do you make sure your cat is looked after and pampered while you are gone? Which cat hotel is the perfect fit for your furry little friend? Which cat boarding facility will keep your pet safe, healthy, and engaged until your return?

As doting pet parents, these questions seem daunting. To help you out, here’s a list of pointers that can help you pick the best cat hotel for your four-legged family member.


  1. Visit the boarding facility.

While you may have browsed their websites or called up their receptions to gather details, it is advised to visit the facility before you leave your pet there.

Have a look around to judge the place on its cleanliness, feeding area, and rooms.

Talk to the caretakers and enquire about the everyday routine the housed pets follow.

  1. Look for a cat exclusive hotel

Most pet boarding facilities house all kinds of pets under one roof. While that might not sound altogether bad, cats tend to be reclusive. Pairing it up with a boisterous dog might put undue stress on your little friend.

Searching for a cat only hotel will also ensure that your pet gets the special attention it deserves, especially when dealing with moody and fussy cats.

  1. Pay attention to your pet’s needs.

Not all cats are born the same. Each one has a distinct personality that makes them so unique and lovable. This also means that going on your opinion alone might be a fallacy. If your cat is old and reserved, putting it in a home-style boarding might be a better option than stuffing him in with ten other cats. On the other hand, if your cat loves jumping around and climbing, a resort with its big lawns is the best choice.

  1. Feeding arrangements

Your cat has grown up in a loving household and is used to being pampered and fussed about. In a cat hotel, they might feel alone and left out. The least you could do is make sure that they still have access to their favourite foods.

Make sure the boarding facility is serving a nutritious, organic, and balanced diet. If you believe your cats won’t like it, then make arrangements to have their favourite food delivered.

  1. Access to your pets

Even though you are far away, you still miss your cat as much as it misses you. Make sure the hotel has a platform where you can receive regular updates about your pet. Some luxury resorts offer a 24 hour live viewing feed while others allow you to video call your pet at fixed timings.

Choosing the right cat hotel will allow you to enjoy your holidays while your cats enjoy theirs. Don’t let the stress of being away from your pet bog you down. Follow these guidelines diligently to make the right choice for your precious little friend.

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