How to Build a Good Relationship with Your Kids

Telling your kids how much you love them is not enough, you need to show them in action. As the saying goes: “Actions speak louder than words”. So, to be a great mom and raise healthy kids, you should put your words in action for them to feel it. What does it mean to put your love in action? This means that you need to give your kids full attention and your connection with them should be the top priority. Love in action encompasses:

• Paying attention to things happening between you and your kids

• Seeing things from their perspective

• Remembering that these kids that behave rudely sometimes are still the one we love unconditionally

Build a Firm Foundation from the Beginning

Building a solid parent-child foundation with your kids from their infancy will make life easier. Studies have shown that parents who take some days off work when their child is born usually have a closer connection to their kids at every stage of their life – both as teenagers and college students. Even if you don’t have a lot of time, spending the little time you have with them will go a long way to help you build a good relationship with them.

According to bonding theorists, if a parent bonds with their newborns, they tend to stay closer to them throughout life. Unsurprisingly, parents who spend quality time with their kids and nurture their family will continue to do so to bring their kids closer to them throughout their childhood and make time to play with them. If you have a blog or website you are trying to promote that doesn’t give you much time to cater to your kids, you can consider backlinking services to promote your blog site.

Start with Trust – The Building Blocks of Every Great Relationship

For a better relationship with your kids, developing trust in your kids and letting them trust you from infancy is a key factor. From childhood, your kids will learn whether they can learn to depend on you to pick them up whenever they need you. Aside from that, you can also earn our kids’ trust in some other way: by fulfilling your promise to take them to see a movie, picking them from school on time, and not breaking your promises to them.

You can extend your trust to your kids by believing in their potential. Even though your kids can act childish, sometimes, you should always believe that there is room for positive change to occur. Parents should note that trusting your child does not mean you should blindly believe what they tell you. It means not giving up on them no matter what they do. Also, it means never working away from them because they need you at those moments and you should be there for them.

Don’t Take Things Personally

Maybe your eight-year-old child says “Mom, I hate you”, or your teenager slams the door while leaving your bedroom, but don’t take it personally! This is about them, not you. Remember that they are not mature enough always to understand and express their emotions. What you should do at that moment is to take a deep breath and calm yourself down, so you won’t react harshly. This does not mean you should allow your kids to act disrespectfully, but it means you should talk to them with love.

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