How to be safe when walking home at night – simple tips that could save your life

Autumn is here, which means the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. Everything is much darker too, which can make staying safe outdoors difficult. Even if you’re walking from home school, from work or you’re taking the dog out for a stroll, being out at night can be pretty daunting. 

Keeping safe when you’re walking at night is essential. You could be hit by a car, followed by someone suspicious, you could trip and hurt yourself or find yourself lost. If you feel safe, you’re more likely to enjoy the cool autumnal air and the changing seasons. Here we’ll look at how you can be safe when walking home at night with some simple tips that could save your life. 

Be seen

If a car can’t see you, then you’re more likely to be hit by one. Whether you’re walking along a country road or you’re crossing the street, making yourself seen at night is vital. By wearing brightly colored clothing and reflective materials, you’re less likely to be hit by a car – if you have been in a road accident involving a vehicle and need to speak with a personal injury lawyer, you’ll find a list of PI lawyers here. 

Reflective straps on your bag, a flashing light on your jacket, a brightly colored coat… however you choose to be seen, make it easy for vehicles to spot you with their headlamps and always dress brightly!

Walk with confidence

If you’re wandering around looking lost, or frightened then you could be inadvertently making yourself a target for thieves and other criminals. When you’re out at night, walk with confidence and conviction and if you’re not feeling it, fake it until you make it home. Those who walk with conviction are less likely to be attacked or look like an easy target.

No music

We all love listening to music and our favorite podcasts, and whilst it’s fine to wear your headphones as you walk to school or work during the daytime, at night you should avoid wearing them. Listening to your favorite music means that you won’t be able to hear what’s going on around you, whether that’s a car that’s coming up fast or someone who’s following you. Stay alert and keep your headphones in your pocket.

Make a call

If you’re feeling nervous or unsettled whilst you walk home, don’t be afraid to make a phone call to a friend or a family member. Engaging in a chat with a loved one can help calm your nerves and even help to keep you safe, as you’re less likely to be attacked or jumped if you’re on a call with someone. Even if it’s late at night, don’t be afraid to call someone – they’d much rather you got home safely! 

And finally, select a safe spot

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or worried whilst walking home at night, head into a local bar, pub or store for refuge. You can stay there whilst you gather your thoughts and regain your composure. If you’re worried about your safety, speak to a member of staff. 

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