How Electromagnetic Field Therapy Improves your Cellular Health

You cannot enjoy a healthy body with dysfunctional cells. At the same time, you cannot identify your cells as damaged or ill cells because these minutest structures are not visible to you with the naked eye. You only know when a part of your body shows some signs of illness. Furthermore, in case of any ailment, you cannot cure your cells instantly or directly. Cells rehabilitation is a gradual process. However, taking care of cellular health through regular PEMF tune-ups can help the cells. Making electromagnetic field therapy a regular part of your healthcare can reverse the impacts of cell aging and cell damage. 

PEMF Tunes Up Your Cells

Pulsed Electromagnetic fields not only fine-tune body cells but also correct imbalances in diseased cells. The ability of the treatment to rehabilitate the dysfunctional cells has great scope in medicine, particularly for the treatment of chronic pain and inflammation. Achieving cellular health through PEMF helps in repairing various health conditions such as

●        Treating fractures, wounds, and soft tissues healing

●        Enhancing blood circulation and cells oxygenation

●        Improved sleep and muscle relaxation

●        Improving immunity by stimulating RNA and DNA

●        Reducing blood pressure and cholesterol level

●        Increased energy level

●        Restoring cells metabolism

●        Keeping a check on pathogens while taking care of beneficial microorganisms

Electromagnetic Fields for Cellular Exercise

Every cell in the body produces an electromagnetic field. In short, your body is the site where different internal electromagnetic fields interact for 24/7 ongoing life processes. Every cell communicates through electromagnetic signaling. The failure in electromagnetic exchanges results in cell death. PEMF acts as an efficient cellular exercise. It uses safe body-friendly frequencies, intensities, and wavelengths that optimize cellular vitality. It is important to note that PEMF works in conjunction with other modes of treatment. You cannot rely solely on pulsed therapy for curing a particular disease. However, incorporating the therapeutic devices into regular health routines is a way to maintain cell health to prevent any future complications. offers the best devices at a reasonable price range.

How Does PEMF Stimulate Cells?

●       Maintaining the Cellular Charge

Exposing your body to electromagnetic fields initiates a cascade of cellular reactions by stimulating ions and electrolytes. Your cells need optimal capacitance of electric charge to perform well. When cells do not get enough charge, these show signs of illness through pain, discomfort, and fatigue. Correcting the disrupted electric field cures the root cause of disease. Unlike other treatments which are limited in their scope, PEMF penetrates the body and reaches out the cells in the deepest layers. An improvement in cellular functions generates more energy to reduce the cells’ injuries.

●       Replenishing the Exhausted Energy

Moreover, the therapy stimulates the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) in mitochondria. The compound is a source of cellular energy.

●       Supporting Cell Membrane Potential 

PEMF acts like a charger to establish cell membrane potential. It increases the cells’ capacity to carry out the desirable tasks. 

The structural reorganization of lipids in the cell membrane improves the transport of materials within cells. A significant aspect of this phenomenon results in an improved lymphatic flow of the material in and out of the cells. It also helps in cell detoxification by enhancing the drainage from inflamed cells. It increases cell proliferation and cell regeneration.


Cells are the microcosm of life. Any damage caused to these vital structures puts your whole body at stake. The better these minuscule bodies communicate, the better you feel. Cells depletion reduces their performance and makes them vulnerable to diseases. Regular recharging through PEMF devices helps to regulate the functioning of the body at the cellular level.

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