How Do I Create the Best Backyard Playground for My Kids?

With the weather warming up, it’s time to start figuring out how to upgrade your backyard and create a fun playtime oasis for your children. Sure, you should take them to the park when you can, but when they’re stuck at home, they should still have somewhere to play and burn energy! 

That’s right: it’s time to create a backyard playground that will be the envy of the rest of the neighborhood.

But how do you create the best playground for your best children? We have a few suggestions that can get you started. Read on to learn more!

Playground Equipment: What’s Important?

It’s always a good idea to start with the basics. Most children love basic playground equipment because it feels like bringing the park back home with them. It’s great regardless of whether you have one child or several children (and your child’s friends will love to come over and play as well).

Your playset will depend on how large your backyard is. If you only have space for a single item of playground equipment, we recommend an all-in-one plastic or wood playground that has a slide, climbing area, and swing set all in one compact space.

If you have more room, space the equipment out. One tall slide is great for sliding down on pillows or mattresses, and a full swing set is double the fun of the small swingset from an all-in-one playground. Check out these swing sets for inspiration. 

Creating a Backyard Obstacle Course

Do you have a future American Ninja Warrior in your household? Why not encourage your child’s athleticism and play with a backyard obstacle course?

The best thing about obstacle courses is that you can DIY them and change them up when your child needs a new challenge. If you already have a backyard playground set, you can incorporate it into the course!

Check out these low-prep obstacle courses for kids. Whether they’re playing “the grass is lava” or navigating fun climbing challenges, there’s sure to be something for every child.

Free Space for Imaginative Play and Temporary Activities

No backyard is complete without a bit of free space for your children to play when they aren’t interested in playground equipment. A soft grassy area is the perfect place for them to play with their toys.

During the summer, don’t you want to bring out the sprinklers, kiddie pools, and Slip n’ Slides? You won’t have space for them if your yard is full already! 

Having free space also allows room for your child to play tag and run around.

Create the Perfect Backyard Playground for Your Kids

A backyard playground will give your child somewhere to have fun and stay active when you’re not able to take them to the local park or pool. Start assembling the perfect backyard playground, and don’t forget to include your kids! Putting everything together can be a great spring bonding activity!

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