How Accurate Are Online DNA Tests?

You’ve all heard it, and most of you have probably had the privilege to order a test kit. DNA testing is now all over as ads and infomercials continue to flock our screens on the need to get tested. As a matter of fact, you’ll feel awkward whenever in a group and someone brings up the conversation, and you haven’t had the honors – people are testing simply out of pressure from peers.

Whatever your reasons are; whether it’s to look cool or to actually find out something meaningful, the online DNA industry is only expected to continue experiencing a boom for years to come. This unexplored market has many gaps yet to fill as technology continues to advance. Soon, one’s DNA might even be able to place a face behind your genes. As science keeps making huge leaps, the flows experienced in certain tests will be cleared giving perfected results.


How Does The Testing Go About?

The online DNA tests only require one to register a kit online from the company of their choice. The kit is shipped to you with a send-back prepaid mailer for you to place your test samples. This might be your spit or blood sample – depending on the company of your choice. The results are then sent to your registered account and this you get notified through an email. You can access some of the high-end test sites on website.

Most companies take up to a maximum of 2 months to have the results analyzed and processed. The best-rated one will take a shorter time than this and deliver practically reasonable and reliable results. You’re recommended to apply for sites that use FDA- CLIA- certifications in their operations.

What Do The Results Actually Reveal & How Accurate Are They?

A lot of people still remain skeptical about the reliability of online DNA tests. This is after people conducting different results with various companies and receiving contradicting results. Some become despaired by the results while others are just amused. Some companies claim that with a higher ‘pittance’ one will access much deeper DNA information. Nonetheless, as said above, with time, the search and details from the DNA tests will be more dependable and yield more information.

The most detailed DNA agencies promise to help you reveal certain ancestors along with their origin and migratory routes. Your DNA composition of the different nationalities that make up you as a person will also be unveiled. How fun is it to get to know just how Irish or African you are?

The DNA tests have also been used to prove paternity cases and even find out more concerning your different parents. As if that’s not enough, lost relatives have been connected through these online tests – just to prove how effective they are. They give you the once in a lifetime opportunity to build your family tree and reconnect with relatives around the globe.

The Way Forward

You ought to be careful not to put all your trust in the test results you’ll get from your online test. They might be effective in handing you so much information but we are yet to reach a level where they analyze 100% of your DNA and give the same kind of results. That notwithstanding, you shouldn’t let some little reported inconsistencies come between you and actually finding out more about you – that’s my fair word of advice.


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