Holiday Book Gift Guide

The Kids’ Book of Sticker Love (Workman Publishing; $19.95; ages 7 and up).

A natural companion to The Kids’ Book of Paper Love, with 52,000 copies in print, The Kids’ Book of Sticker Love is jam-packed with tons of original ideas and crafty projects for kids to make. This book offers something new to discover on every page, from holographic stickers and origami finger puppets to tiny paper gift bags so kids can share their stickered creations with friends and family. It’s a treasure trove of screen-free, hands-on entertainment for kids of all ages, packed with every sticker project under the sun.

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Quarto Kids have the perfect books to educate and delight curious little minds. 

ABC What Can We Be? Coloring Book

Paperback | $6.99 | 9781600589836

Ages 3+

Discover a wonderful world full of career possibilities to color – from Astronaut to Zoologist and everything in between!

Perfect for teaching toddlers their ABCs and entertaining them with coloring, this bumper 80 page book shows there are no limits to what a kid can pursue.

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Another fun book from our friends at Workman Publishing!

 This one features 10 full-color images of fanciful creatures and magical artifacts that have captivated kids for generations.

Imaginations will take flight as children paint this magical universe, full of bright and beautiful beings and fantastical curios, one sticker at a time. Dive into the ocean with a magical mermaid and an adorable narwhal, then take to the skies with a majestic pegasus and a playful pixie. Glitter stickers are included throughout to double the fun and give these whimsical scenes even more sparkle.

PAINT BY STICKER is all the fun of arts and crafts without the mess. No paints or sticky glue to spill makes cleanup nonexistent. Plus, these perforated card stock pages make it easier than ever to remove the out-of-this-world art and share it with the whole family! Perfect for ages 5+.

With bouncy, delightful rhymes, Bridget Heos’ Santa Jaws celebrates Christmas under the sea. Every year, Santa Jaws delivers presents to his fellow sharks, spreading cheer wherever he goes. Elfin sharks make toys, horn sharks trim the Christmas kelp, and cookiecutter sharks make sure Santa doesn’t go hungry. Get ready for a ride on Santa’s sled (pulled, of course, by hammerheads) in this joyful holiday tale! I loved this story! It is published by our friends at but you can also find it on

Self Disclosure: I received free copies of the above books to feature for the holidays. Cover images were also provided.

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