Hey, Mr. Spaceman


Blast off on this out-of-the-world journey into the stratosphere fueled with star power like The Byrds, The B-52’s, T-Bone Burnett, Jimmy Durante, Ella Fitzgerald and many more!  Campy, fun and definitely retro, this tribute to sci-fi fans young or old is a must have for stargazing, space travel, or imagining the little green man outside your window (… or is it your imagination?)
1. Mr. Spaceman – The Byrds
2. Flying Saucers Rock & Roll – Billy Lee Riley & His Little Green Men
3. Flying Saucer Attack – The Rezillos
4. The Purple People Eater – Sheb Wooley
5. We’re Going UFO’ing – Jimmy Durante
6. Heck, I’d Go – Maria Muldaur
7. Two Little Men in a Flying Saucer – Ella Fitzgerald
8. Telstar – Dennis Scott
9. Mr. Moon – LJ Booth
10. Humans From Earth – T-Bone Burnett
11. Planet Claire – The B-52’s
12. Rocket Ship – Kathy McCarty
 We received this fun CD from our friends at Music For Little People and my son and I really enjoyed it! It’s fun with songs such as The Purple People Eater and Flyin’ Saucers Rock ‘N’ Roll. I liked that there were songs from the B-52’s and The Byrds. This is a CD fun for all ages!
Available on Amazon and anywhere great music is sold!  Check out more great kids music on the Music for Little People website at www.mflpdistribution.com


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