Here are Some Great Napping Tips for the New Year! Thanks to our friends at Casper!

Can you believe there are only a few days left before New Year’s Eve? With such little time left, it’s easy to feel pressured and miss the things that make the holiday truly special. For the remainder of the week, take time to smell the roses (or Christmas tree this time of year), share stories of Christmases past, and relax with loved ones. Then, when it seems like this busy time will never end and all you really need is to catch up on lost sleep, set aside the presents and treat yourself to a well-deserved nap. With some of these helpful napping tips from Casper, find yourself some warm blankets and a cozy mattress to recharge your restless mind.


Note: For the most productive nap, and to help improve your mood, you should nap for 20 minutes. Napping for more than 45 minutes is not suggested and will result in feeling tired afterwards.




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