Help 11 year-old Long Beach resident and founder of Love In the Mirror collect 10,000 pairs of socks for homeless charity

Love in the Mirror: Long Beach resident Jonas Corona founded Love in the Mirror at the age of 6, and is seeking supporters to join him in collecting 10,000 pairs of socks to help homeless during the colder winter months.  Jonas recently shared his story on daytime television when he visited the new FOX daytime talk show The Real and received a generous donation of 3,000 pairs of brand-new socks to help get him started. The episode aired nationwide on Tuesday, October 14th.



“Socks are very important because most homeless people walk all day and many of them don’t even have shoes. Socks will help keep their feet warm and protect them” Corona said.  “Every year, our goal is to collect 10,000 pairs of socks, and the closest I came was just over 8,000 pairs” Corona added.


There are several ways to get involved with this event.  We invite the public to start their own collection drives to help us reach our goal. Parents and teachers can get youth involved in their neighborhood, school or church.  Individuals, families and businesses can also donate socks at one of our drop-off locations throughout the city during the entire month of November or you can donate $1 or more online at /donate and we will purchase socks for you.


About Love in the Mirror

Love in the Mirror is a charitable organization that strives to inspire young people to MAKE A DIFFERENCE through their volunteer commitment of providing disadvantaged youth and their families with basic necessities.  Corona founded Love in the Mirror at age 6 to help people in need. He believes that everyone should look in the mirror and love what they see and without basic necessities, it is hard for them to do this.  Over the past five years, the organization has helped over 30,000 people with food, clothing, toiletries, school supplies and toys.  For more information on how you can help, contact Love in the Mirror at (562) 433- 5100 or Love in the Mirror is a 501(c)(3) Federal Tax  ID 27-1309206.


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