‘HEAR ME NOW’ – The Bullied Have a Voice


‘HEAR ME NOW’ – The Bullied Have a Voice
New Documentary Draws Attention to School Bullying and Encourages Hope “Hear Me Now” is a feature-length documentary focusing on the harsh realities of school bullying and the positive steps that are being taken to raise awareness and prevent bullying, told through a series of moving testimonials and poignant reenactments.
Stylistically dark, colorful, and cinematic, accompanied by an edgy soundtrack, the film has a youthful energy that speaks directly to its target audience, young people.
Featuring compelling and informative on-camera interviews with Columbine survivor Craig Scott, anti-bullying activist Kirk Smalley, who tragically lost his son to suicide, and dozens who have been affected by bullying and continue to be affected, giving viewers a candid look inside the world of bullying and the inspiration to find hope amidst the darkness.
“Hear Me Now” strives to become the quintessential school bullying documentary in order to change lives as well as save lives and give youth the reassurance that they are not alone and that there truly is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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