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Yes, the emerging outbreak of the Ebola virus throughout the world has made us ALL more mindful of germs and, quite frankly, a little more understanding of the growing and incessant need for clean!


This holiday season, we will wash our hands a little extra and avoid the mistletoe, but we all have someone on our lists with some cleanliness “quirks” that take it a bit further… Think Howie Mandel (wrote a book about it), Cameron Diaz (opens doors with her elbows), Megan Fox (once went a week without eating because she was afraid of restaurant cutlery contamination), and Donald Trump (refuses to shake hands or touch elevator buttons).


Help them out with HealthySole, an elegant “first to market” device that leaves up to 99% of infectious germs at the door – not on the soles of shoes.  Step on this sleek, innovative mechanism (looks similar to a bathroom scale) that uses safe, green UVC technology and shoes will effectively be disinfected from bacteria and viruses in a little as 7 to 10 seconds—and the Company has the R & D and science to prove it!

Most don’t know that germs and pathogens live longer on the soles of shoes than anywhere else in the household. Recent studies by The University of Arizona and ABC News have shown that bottoms of shoes carry millions of units of bacteria, even more than the average toilet seat. These pathogens are transferred from our shoes to the floors of our homes, offices and living environments causing infections and disease.  

We received a sample to try out and I have to say I am quite impressed with how well this works!  It is really easy to use!  I was also surprised how quickly it works! Before using this product, we would constantly have muddy footprints on the carpet or random leaves and dirt. My husband was skeptical that this product would work and he was quite amazed at how it cleans the bottom of shoes. It even cleans my son’s dirty sneakers and there are no more dirty footprints! We also had a friend try this out and he was thrilled with it. His family usually take off their shoes when they enter their house, but he said that with this product there is no need to do that anymore. One of the best things is that it works so quickly.

To use, simply place the HealthySole unit at the front door and step onto it for 8 to 10 seconds when entering indoor environments. The rechargeable battery-operated system lasts two weeks, and fits every size shoe, with an additional template included for children. What a great way to stay healthier this Winter  and the Cold & Flu season!

 With a retail price of $269.00, Healthy Sole is now available for purchase through

Self Disclosure: I received a free product sample to facilitate this feature. Now, that I have tried it, I highly recommend it!  Photo and press info credit: HealthySole. Any opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Denise,
    I got the HealthySole for my wife a couple months ago. I will say that all skepticism that I had has gone out with the germs! Corny I know but true. We have three young children at home all under the age of 3, and my wife and I since having our son Sept of 2012 and then twins last April, try and be conscience of the germ exposure we introduce to the kids. We try and take the shoes off at the door, but that doesn’t always work and asking guests to do so is uncomfortable. I got this thinking that I wouldn’t partake, however I will say it is standard protocol for all of us now and we like knowing that the germs aren’t getting transferred to the floors and surfaces that our kids live their lives on. My wife teaches elementary school and the germs she brings home are dangerous and abundant. First thing she or anybody does when they enter our home is stand on the HealthySole. Its easy, quick and gives great piece of mind. Ive recommended it to many, and several now have their own units. Im happy to say finally I got something for my wife that she actually uses… Shhhhhh

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