Healthy Snack Trends and Ideas for the Big Game from Whole Foods Market

Are you ready for the Big Game this Sunday? I have to admit I’m not one for watching the whole game but I love the Half time show, commercials and delicious Snacks and appetizers! This year, I have made the resolution to try my best to eat healthier. Whole Foods makes it much easier to keep my New Years resolution. Healthier Snack options are also delicious! Some of my favorites are:

Bean chips – forget bean dip, bean chips are everywhere and offer a host of nutrients and fiber, and are often gluten free. Fan favorites include:

  1. Beanitos – Chips are made with black or pinto beans and one serving contains four grams of protein. Flavors include Chipotle BBQ, Better Cheddar, Original Black Bean and Simply Pinto Bean.
  2.          Beanitos Puffs are made from a blend of beans and other wholesome grains, and come in game-ready flavors like Hot Chili Lime, Nacho Cheese and more.

I actually just tried these for the first time and I love them! They are so tasty and much healthier than fried chips or chips and bean dip! My favorite is the Chipotle BBQ Beanitos! I did pick up a bag of the Beanitos Puffs and can’t wait to try them on Game Day!

My other favorites are the Whole New Hummus! I am already a big fan of Hummus but the Hope Hummus in Spicy Avocado is my new favorite!

Whole new hummus – the latest spreads are made with creative ingredients like lentils and avocado, and come in flavors that will make football fans want to take a time-out.

a.       Hope Hummus –lentil spreads that combine the wholesome legume with simple ingredients to create tasty dips. Flavors include Original Lentil, Garlic, Habanero and Curry. Their selection of traditional garbanzo bean hummus comes in very non-traditional flavors like Spicy Avocado, Kale Pesto, Sriracha,Jalapeño Cilantro and Thai Coconut Curry.

b.      Love & Hummus – this brand blends chickpeas with tahini (sesame seed butter) and other innovative herbs and ingredients. The Spicy Harissa flavor uses the uber-trendy exotic spice blend for an upgraded hummus.

For those who’d rather relax pre-game, Whole Foods Market offers ready-to-cook appetizers like organic chicken wings, frozen pizzas and guacamole dip (these items and more on sale game-day weekend, Friday, January 30 to Sunday, February 1). And, all prepared hot pizzas will be on sale for $10 on game-day Sunday, February 1.

I had to pick up some of the Organic Chicken Wings and a frozen pizza! I just may have to go back to pick up an all prepared hot pizza on Sunday morning! My husband is a big Pizza lover!

Here are my two favorite Healthy Game Day Recipe Options from Whole Foods! I can’t wait to make them this weekend!

Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

unnamed (1)

Creamy Cucumber Dip

unnamed (2)

And a few more:

Appetizers and Dips

The Main Course

Self Disclosure: I received compensation in form of a gift card to buy samples to facilitate this feature. Recipe and Photo Credit: Whole Foods.


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