Healthy food swaps for your family

Deciding to become a family that’s health-conscious and one that educates their kids about the effects their diet has on their bodies, is one of the most sensible and beneficial things you could do.


Rewarding is just one term you’ll begin to feel as your family feels happier during your mission to a healthier lifestyle. To kick-start your families journey, here are a few healthy and yummy food swaps for you to try out.

Croutons swapped out for almonds


We know that there’s going to be a struggle when you’re attempting to get your kids to try salads: ‘Vegetables? How dare you!’ Is probably among the phrases they’ll be thinking when you hand them a plate of freshly sliced and diced veg.


Make it a little more interesting for them by setting out a variety of salad dressings (as long as they don’t drown their salad in the dressing, which would defeat the point) and a bowl of almonds to add more texture. They’re actually much healthier than croutons and they taste just as good!

Butter swapped out for coconut oil


When coconut oil is kept below 23°C its form becomes solid with a consistency very similar to butter. The plus side to this, excluding that it’s tons better for you, is that as soon as the coconut oil hits your warm slice of toast, it seamlessly melts creating the perfect spread.

Cow’s milk swapped out for almond milk


Often milk isn’t a part of your diet that you’d consider being unhealthy, however, it isn’t as good for us as originally thought. Although it is true that cow’s milk is rich in calcium, it’s actually a little too rich for our human bodies to soak up.


Due to this, almond milk is the perfect alternative. It has enough calcium to be beneficial but not too much, so that our bodies can use the majority of the calcium. The kids will love the sweet taste of almond milk too. Brilliant!

Where to find organic food


There’s a wide variety of healthy food supplies at Clearspring if you are looking for an organic online food shop, then visiting their site will give you a clear idea of the costs of going organic.  Good luck!

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