Have anxiety? This book may be helpful!

Do you suffer from anxiety? Mindfulness really does seem to be helpful and I really enjoyed reading this book. In Clinical Psychologist Dr. Scott Symington’s go-to guide, Freedom from Anxious Thoughts and Feelings: A Two-Step Mindfulness Approach for Moving Beyond Fear and Worry [New Harbinger], he presents an intuitive and accessible approach called the Two-Screen Method® (TSM) to help when you feel overwhelmed and overcome with worrisome thoughts. Using this simplified mindfulness approach, you learn to make space for the challenging thoughts and feelings, while redirecting your attention and life energy to your values. By using the two-screen method, along with its three anchors— mindfulness skills, healthy distractions, and loving action— you learn to relate to your thoughts and feelings in a whole new way. When the internal challenges show up—worries, fears, dark moods, etc.— you’re equipped with an easy-to-follow game plan, so you can experience relief and get back to living your life.

I like that it is easy to follow and is practical. I highly recommend this self-help book. You can find it on Amazon.com.

Self Disclosure: I received a free sample of the book to facilitate this post. Images were also provided.

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