Halloween with PEEPS and MIKE & IKES!

It’s that time of year again! Halloween! I can’t imagine this fun holiday without PEEPS and MIKES & IKES! I received a Just Born Halloween kit to review and it is a big hit in our house!  The candy is delicious and we loved the Plush Purple PEEPS Bunny we received!  PEEPS marshmallow treats are making the Fall season even more festive with the launch of Halloween flavors and shapes just in time for trick-or-treating and Halloween party planning. What is so great about PEEPS is that they can also be used as colorful additions to baked goods and can be used in decorations too.

56001---24-ct-pumpkins 56002---9-ct-ghosts

I am looking forward to adding the PEEPS Pumpkins to the top of Halloween cupcakes this year! They are just the perfect size and so cute with their decorated jack-o-lantern faces! I also love those PEEPS ghost-shaped marshmallows with their spooky faces! The PEEPS Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Pumpkins are my favorite though! These are individually wrapped marshmallow pumpkins enrobed in milk chocolate!  I also received the cutest Witch Chick Plush that includes 2-5 ct packages of PEEPS Brand Marshmallow Chicks. This would make the perfect Halloween gift!

But, we can’t forget about MIKE & IKES! This is my son’s favorite!  I received the following:

MIKE AND IKE® Mummys Mix 10 oz Gift Bag

MIKE AND IKE® Vampire Variety 10 oz Gift Bag

MIKE AND IKE® Mummys Mix 2 Oz Tube

All three would make great Halloween gifts! Actually, I put them up for my son!

mikeandikevampirevariety     mikeandikemummysmix

These Halloween treats can be found nationwide at mass, grocery and drug stores, PEEPS & COMPANY® retail stores or at www.peepsandcompany.com.

Looking for fun and creative ideas this Halloween? I just love  MarshmallowPEEPS.com! It really has the best ideas! I love the section specifically dedicated to showing off PEEPSONALITY® with fan art, crafts and recipes.

You can also find PEEPS & Company at the following links below:

We have also teamed up with PEEPS & Company for a Halloween Giveaway! Winner will win a variety of candy samples and not everything that has been mentioned in this post. To enter, go to MarshmallowPEEPS.com and leave a comment below telling us one of your favorite things on the website.  Deadline to enter is October 26th, 2014 at noon PST. One winner will randomly be selected via Random.org. Please note: Prize may not be received before Halloween.

Self Disclosure: I received a free Just Born Halloween kit to facilitate this feature and any opinions expressed are my own. Photo Credit: Just Born.





  1. I really like the crafts and recipes.

  2. Love Mikes & Ikes! I love that website. I have visited it before for recipe ideas.

  3. I love the pumpkin peeps!

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    • Hi Bruce,Thank you for your great site and for sharing all your knowledge with us newbies! I recieved a copy of the worm harvester plans and would like to ask a carpentar friend to build the tumbler. Might you have an estimate for construction time for this design for someone with construction skills?Thanks much!Amy

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    • Ahhh!! Seeing that picture with the sunshine and mountains in the background make me incredibly jealous! It must be so nice to go outside in that weather during October wearing only shorts and a tee! I, on the other hand, am snuggled up on my recliner as snow falls down. I didn’t even look outstide yet–I’m in denial!

  4. Amber Mejia says

    I thought the Peeps Mini Cooper car was really cool!

  5. Jennifer A says

    I like the cakes!

  6. Debbie moretti says

    I LOVE Hot Tamales!!!!!!!

  7. I love the “Peeps Mini’s” especially the Strawberry flavored one…and the Chocolate dipped Peeps (they use really good Chocolate)

  8. I like cooking with Peeps!!

  9. Denise Taylor-Dennis says

    I like the show and share gallery some fun pictures to look at is always cool.

  10. I like the recipe ideas.

  11. The recipes are great! I have been to the website before for baking holiday ideas.

  12. suzanne kim says

    I like the mini peeps & the recipes

  13. I like the Peeps Inspired Halloween photos!

  14. I love the recipes for the holidays.

    • I love your website, the ph17o&#82ot;s are all amazing, so many that I could talk about , catching a rainbow is wonderful, I feel I want to claim all your photo’s as mine own, could I have fun with these they are truly beautiful.

  15. The cake recipes are the best!

  16. I like the PEEPS Chocolate Covered Pumpkins.

  17. I like the recipe section on their site. They have a lot of unique and cute ideas, including a Peeps party mix.

  18. Pam Hoffman says

    No way is there a Peeps Yankee Candle!!! I want that – I really want that! 🙂

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