Halloween Treats To Buy In Bulk on Amazon!

It’s almost Halloween and even though it is a different time right now with the pandemic, Halloween treats are a still a must! I won’t be passing out candy or treats this year but I will be making goodie bags for friends and neighbors. Welch’s Fruit Snacks are a must buy and can be purchased in bulk on Amazon.com. The 110-Count Box combines two popular mouthwatering flavors – Mixed Fruit and Berries ‘n Cherries – making it the perfect box to buy in bulk for any Halloween festivities. The best part? It’s easily available on Amazon.

I like that they are made with real fruit and are fat-free. They are also Gluten-free and have No preservatives! And, I don’t know about you but I have been shopping more on Amazon these past few months. Available on Amazon; 110-Count Box with 0.9oz. Pouches for $24.95.

Now, to put together that treadmill I just bought on Amazon.com. 🙂

Happy Halloween!

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