Green Apple Day Of Service, September 29th, 2012


Every day, one-quarter of the American population walks into outdated school buildings that are badly in need of repair and burdened with airborne toxins, dwindling budgets, and outdated resources. The school environment where kids learn matters, and for the first time ever, green building industry leaders are teaming up with tens of thousands of community volunteers to promote healthier, more efficient schools.

On September 29th, Green Apple would like to invite you  to join more than 500 schools that are becoming more sustainable across the country and around the world as part of a national program from the Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). This will be the very first annual Green Apple Day of Service where students, teachers, parents, elected officials, green building leaders and many more will take action in their communities to promote healthy, sustainable schools. Some of the most popular project ideas will include:


  • ·         Planting school gardens
  • ·         Establishing recycling initiatives
  • ·         Clean up your schoolyard
  • ·         Collect used supplies like barely used notebooks, crayons, etc… for reuse
  • ·         Decorate a recycling bin

We wanted to make sure you had the info below so that you too can get your kids’ schools involved! If just one of our readers hosted a service project at their children’s schools, we could increase the number of projects and make our schools healthier! Even small actions like cleaning up the school grounds with your kids can make a difference.

Be sure to check out their event website, to search for events near you or to register your own activity. And don’t forget to share your idea with us through social media using the hashtag #greenapple and by visiting the Center for Green Schools Facebook page and adding the event to your calendar.

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