Grayson, Nov. 4th Pet of the Week!

Grayson would prefer his tennis ball to just about anything except for a loving, forever home. Grayson’s a Lab mix with a beautiful gray coat and luminous brown eyes. His ideal adopter or foster would have experience with large-breed dogs and be able to keep up with his active self. Grayson’s very smart—he already knows several commands and is always down for a walk! He’s curious about other dogs but is easily distracted by a toy. In all, he’s a wonderful dog, but he’s been lingering at our shelter for eight months. He’s begun to lose weight because of the stress of being in a kennel for so long, with only periods of play with devoted volunteers. If you want the ideal big guy, please come meet Grayson! You can foster him, too! Adoptions are now conducted through appointment only, so call 562-570-PETS or email to meet Grayson. Ask for ID#A655196.

(This rescue was encouraged by the usual suspects.)

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