Grand Park’s Winter Glow Returns December 6-25, 2019

Grand Park’s Winter Glow 2018 photo by Javier Guillen for Grand Park/The Music Center

 Grand Park’s Winter Glow returns for the park’s second annual nighttime art display, offering an immersive experience that will span two county locations this holiday season as the free event expands across Grand Avenue to include the newly renovated Music Center Plaza. With double the amount of lighting experiences from the inaugural event in 2018, Grand Park’s Winter Glow will feature installations by L.A.-based artists from across the county, including multimedia artists Cassandra CarilloCarlos G. Rodas and Aphidoidea, among others. Each artist will design and install magical light attractions for the public to enjoy as they stroll through Grand Park and The Music Center Plaza. Familiar pathways and historic fountains will be transformed into exciting new discoveries with the latest in light and projection technology. Some of the curated large-scale installations will be hands-on and interactive as additional complementary light displays make Hope Street to Hill Street “glow” in the winter sky. Grand Park’s Winter Glow opens a trialogue—a conversation between art, people and space that offers a non-traditional approach to public art exhibition and the park-goer experience.

Additionally, a community partnership with Kayamanan Ng Lahi will feature the work of L.A.-based artists Alfie Ebojo (aka alfienumeric) and Lakandiwa de Leon (of Kidlat Woodworks) who will design a five-foot “parol,” based on a star-shaped lantern that embellishes homes during Christmas in the Philippines and signifies cultural meaning and identity for Los Angeles’ large Filipino community. Grand Park will display the Christmas lantern and promote Filipino cultural and artistic practices by hosting a free parol-making workshop on Saturday, December 7, 2019, where community members can learn and create their own parol to take with them. Throughout Grand Park’s Winter Glow, guests will also enjoy listening to a special soundscape of playlists curated by L.A.-based artists and partners, including Silver Lake-based Indie label Dangerbird Records and filmmaker/arts organizer Joel Quizon, among others.

The only free exhibit of its kind in the area is open to the public from December 6–25, 2019, offering park-goers the opportunity to gather and celebrate the wonder and magic of art as it illuminates Downtown L.A.


Artist: Aphidoidea

Location: Grand Park Performance Lawn

Park-goers will take a trip under the sea into this interactive light-filled 15-foot dome. Inspired by the incandescent relationship between a clownfish and a sea anemone, guests can manipulate the touch sensors of Coralation to create their own personalized glow. 

Sea Creatures

Artist: Aphidoidea

Location: Grand Park Performance Lawn

Sea Creatures emulates the microscopic plankton organisms that are the first step in the food chain in our ecosystem. Composed of 18 hanging sculptures clustered in close proximity, this experience invites park-goers to walk among the sculptures and see what it might be like to encounter these typically invisible creatures.

H+ Creative represented artists Introspections
Artist: H+ Creative represented artists

Location: Grand Park Fountain Overlook

The familiar concrete walls and steps into Grand Park will be transformed by the unique digital art projections of H+ Creative. Park guests will experience the animated work of H+ Creative artists from across the globe and feel how they connect to the lights of Grand Park’s Winter Glow. They will encounter both the conceptual interconnectivity amongst us and spatial connections throughout Los Angeles in this dazzling display of digitally animated work.

Fascination 2.0

Artist: Cassandra Carrillo and Carlos G. Rodas

Location: Grand Park Performance Lawn

Constructed from metal with animated lighting, this 20-foot tall dome structure is a monumental geometric cranium that activates the realms of imagination. As attendees gaze inside Fascination 2.0, they will be captivated by mesmerizing lights and hypnotic illusions of shapes within and around the structure.


Artist: Ambar Navarro:

Location: Grand Park Performance Lawn

Celebrate the Grand Park’s Winter Glow experience with a dazzling array of colorful black lights that evoke a collective image of downtown Los Angeles. Using photographs of historic buildings mixed with icons from popular spots, SEEN & UNSEEN creates a unique interpretation of the Los Angeles experience capturing details that the normal eye may not see, bringing downtown together with color and light.

Kaduduwa: Spirt and Body as One (Parol)

Artist: Alfie Ebojo aka alfienumeric and Lakandiwa de Leon of Kidlat Woodworks

Location: Grand Park Olive Court

A widely popular symbol that is loved in the Philippines during the holiday season, park-goers will experience a modern day parol. Merging their ancestral home of the Philippines with their contemporary California culture, Ebojo and de Leon will create a five-foot parol made of paper and bamboo. This artist duo derives their inspiration from the traditional and connect it to their hopes to invoke unity, goodwill and love in the diverse county of Los Angeles.


Artist: Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia

Location: The Music Center Plaza

With piñatas having international roots in Mesoamerica as well as in China during the time of Marco Polo, today, these cultural icons are popularly used in Christmas celebrations in Mexico and throughout the Mexican diaspora. Segovia’s Piñata, a 5-foot illuminated sculpture made of painted fiberglass, is inspired by and placed in honor of the multicultural community of Los Angeles.

Exhibits designed and produced by the Grand Park team:

General Site Lighting

Location: Grand Park and The Music Center Plaza

More than doubling the amount of lighting experiences from 2018, Grand Park’s Winter Glow will splash color and breakup patterns across pathways, trees and surfaces throughout the event space from Hope to Hill Streets.

Grand Park + German Light Products Present Lighting Spectacular

Location: Grand Park’s Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain

Sponsored by German Light Products, this Grand Park presentation will showcase the newest lighting technology on the park’s fountain overlook. Park-goers will enjoy a colorful, fountain lightshow every 15 minutes for a unique and mesmerizing display of light, water and music. 

Winter’s Nebula

Location: Grand Park Performance Lawn Stage

Attendees will be surrounded by an immersive dark room projection experience on Grand Park’s performance stage as they step into a space beyond to experience the video and projections emanating around them. Winter’s Nebula uses flowing images to engulf and transport guests into a dream-like world as they become part of the art. 

Hexagon Invert

Location: Grand Park Performance Lawn

Multiple 12-foot light strands connect in a dazzling display on Grand Park’s Performance Lawn, creating a visually striking three-dimensional array of lights that arch up in multiple directions to surround guests in a multi-color glow. Park-goers are encouraged to lay down underneath or sit inside this inverted cupola and connect to the shine of this light-filled splendor.

Glowing Geometric Garden

Location: Grand Park Performance Lawn

Life-size geometric sculptures will create a connected pathway of light, concept and design as park-goers stroll through a light-inspired garden composed of bulbs and LED tubes.

Light Connection Tunnel

Location: Grand Park Olive Court

Playing on the length and open space of Grand Park’s Olive Court, guests will take a journey through a series of illuminated and glittering arches. With an accompanying soundscape, park-goers will encounter a sense of motion as they weave in and out of this walk-through experience.

Grand Park in Lights

Location: Grand Park Splash Pad

Grand Park will have its name in lights across a gigantic 8-foot x 16-foot wall adorned with marquee style light bulbs on a chase sequence, inviting guests to snap their official Winter Glow selfie.

Illuminated Tree Forest

Location: The Music Center Plaza

Found on The Music Center Plaza, guests can wander through a forest of inflated cone “trees” brightly lit in a rainbow of colors. This glow experience is designed in part by artist Doron Gazit of AirDD.

Additional exhibits during Winter Glow:

L.A. County Holiday Tree

Location: The Music Center Plaza

Greeting visitors on The Music Center Plaza, the County’s official Christmas tree will be adorned with 3,000 traditional holiday lights, festival bows and 600 colorful metallic ornaments.

Grand Park Tree

Location: Grand Park Fountain Overlook

Grand Park’s Christmas tree is comprised of more than 100 exquisitely lit white and pink “ornaments” made of mesh balls that range in size from 18 inches to 5 feet. At 45-feet high, the tree inspires cheer and wonder.


Location: The Music Center Plaza and Grand Park (near Broadway Street)

To honor the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, a menorah in Grand Park and also on The Music Center Plaza will be lit for the eight nights of this traditional festival of lights. Representing the resilience of communities around the world and the power of light and hope, the lighting of the candles starts on December 22 and ends on December 30.


MORE INFO: Visit for more information.

PROHIBITED ITEMS: No outside alcohol is permitted in the park or on The Music Center Plaza. For a full list of prohibited items, visit Grand Park or The Music Center.

Credit: Grand Park.

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